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  • Autumn and winter collocation, how can a little Martin boots

    Since nike shop the weather has turned cold, the coat has been unprecedented attention, especially women, at every turn, for example, to go unpunished, to curious, I would like to ask a day, buy a coat, do you have shoes to wear it, if No, Ma slip nike factory outlet into a pair of Martin boots, absolute value for money. Martin boots rely on not only the strength, but also the value of the color, aside from the well-known wild attributes aside, Martin's external appearance is quite awesome, elegant little pointed, caring thick heel, and do not pick the ankle The elastic mouth, are proof. Texture of this thing, said the more popular, is the first look in the past, showing the appearance of the back surface of the eye, may not have shine shiny called advanced, lambskin to build a retro range of children is also very advanced. The importance nike clearance of advanced shoes, did not lose to the coat, but unfortunately can only be active in the soles of feet, the only chance of success is to rely on the color adjustment, Yan and decent red, do not want to get exhausted.

    In line with all the principles for their own-oriented, nike store relatively low-key personality of the woman do not deliberately pursue eye-catching effect, and insurance, or dark Army Green more wild, with what kind of coat are good-looking. Maiden heart overflowing woman, Metropolitan Martin soft light of the soft spot, especially tender to pinch out the pink water, just do not be too young age, minute back to the eighteen-year-old rhythm. Shameful is that you can clearly take the intellectual route, but not disguised as a no-nonsense, pull hatred, good, brown Martin boots end enough affinity, just avoid the too clear suspects, intellectual is in place. Has never been abandoned by the trend, a strength, to see the continuous flow of people in the streets know, the user shows everything, to create a reputation for quality, summed up in four words, it is worth having.

    2018-01-19 10:46:37
  • Pointed stilettos accompanied by beautiful feet, a woman full of confidence superiority

    Simple yet elegant silver stiletto heels, combined with Chinese and Western design, drawn from the world, the external use of leather and made of sheepskin material inside, comfortable to wear and with quality assurance. The heel of the shoes has a sharp nike shoes for sale front design and a strong sense of fashion, which perfectly displays the perfect lines of the female legs so that the girls face the public more confidently. Tall girl's welfare, interpretation of the elegance of high heels. Too low sense of weakening the aura, only the right height, not too prominent body, but also to meet you light sweet and gentle ladies Fan. Appropriate human body aesthetics continuation of the design of ultra-stable root, allowing you to easily out of the charm of fashion girls. Asakuchi small pointed, with exquisite arc, so that the delicate feet and significant sexy style. High-heeled snake-style shoes lebron 13 carry a rich and elegant atmosphere, adding style European and American fashion. Recommended with a V-neck self-cultivation dress, show the perfect body curve, distribute the charm of charming shoes. Simple chain shoulder bag exquisite dignified, instantly release the goddess of the aura.

    For a variety of occasions, high-heeled shoes, shoes are very beautiful and stylish, delicate little pointed, both female sexy, elegant side, but also the legs look more slender. Shoe mouth is a bright spot Oh, slightly straight shoes so that the whole pair of shoes look different, different from other shoes. Serpentine elements in the popular stage to maintain an "unbeaten" black nike shoes position, you can come to a trace of wild charm. When the serpentine shoes together, it is to highlight your infinite style. A buckle design, decorative ankle line highlights the sexy. It has the ability to let others look for you, gorgeous texture, structured, hold live audience is not a problem, you are the most charming one. Shallow mouth shallow version of the design, simple and elegant, easy to wear off, nikes on sale stylish wild. , Showing the advanced workmanship and high-end taste, in the elegant, but also adds a unique charm. Pink solid color flash cloth design simple and generous, highlights the young girls lively temperament and sweet and romantic style, is a perfect choice for girls.

    2018-01-17 10:21:21
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