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  • Put on the invincible little heel, flew to shape the big long legs

    The weather has gradually cooler, had exposed his lap legs time, how to make their own more trendy charm, may wish to try high heels fall and winter wear, autumn can also show big legs. High heels, should be as girls of the majority of a beautiful dream it, put on, can exudes graceful style and temperament, like the movie star of those female stars, customs million, swaying posture. Or fine or thick high heel, so that you can visually perfect was significantly thin, nike shoes sale while you can lengthen your leg curve, so you can more easily show their big legs. Moreover, the girls wearing high heels have a difficult to tell the temperament Oh. Moreover, the weather getting cold, how to choose the right high heels, is a very important thing, after all, cold but also exposed his feet, may not stand. Therefore, the choice of autumn and winter high heels, warm must also be taken into account.

    Look at the fall and winter, what type of high heels, will be more appropriate, so that their own wear, both can be appropriate, but also show full of temperament. Featured nike factory store high-quality suede fabric, full of texture. High-quality plastic at the end, non-slip wear, more safe and easy to wear. Shoe rivet design, full of personality. Temperament of the pointed design, more prominent feminine, elegant and generous. Selection of high quality suede fabrics, personalized fashion, good ventilation. Horse suede, more highlight the texture. Personality of the high-heeled, more prominent feminine. Classic pointed design, elegant and generous, more fashionable. According to ergonomic design to create, delicate touch so long how long you will not feel tired feet. Pointed design more feminine, highlight the elegant temperament of her sister. Ankle at the pearl buckle, more fashionable.

    Help the surface material selection of the first layer of leather, high-quality leather material, soft and comfortable. Sheepskin inside, comfortable and breathable. Square head of the design, more retro style, more capable. Rubber soles material, non-slip wear, walking more easily. Featured high-quality suede material, soft touch, very comfortable walking. Soft and comfortable pad material, with leather permeability nikes on sale and flexibility, foot comfort. Noble sheepskin material accessories high quality metal chain, noble and gorgeous. Featured fashion design concept, sexy tip to add women charm. Quality inside, comfortable and breathable, care of your feet. Combined with human mechanics design of the glass heel, wearing comfortable uncomfortable feet, fashion personality. Natural rubber at the end, wear anti-skid and shock absorption. Selection of Gree special fabric refined, light breathable, soft texture, lebron james shoes with soles of the pattern, leisure personality full. Comfortable PU leather inside, moderate thickness, good foot feeling. Carefully designed with the end of the TPU characteristics, into the anti-skid shading, both anti-skid anti-skid, and comfortable wear. Featured high-quality horse oil skin, texture clear, good toughness, good gloss, high texture Inside and around are soft and delicate ultra-fiber, soft and comfortable. Ergonomic design followed by walking uncomfortable feet, piercing your self-confidence temperament.

    2017-09-19 10:58:53
  • Summer do not wear flat sandals, and look short and fat, smart women wear loose shoes

    Matsushita sandals not only involve the atmosphere, but also full of full of big fan, not nike store only for you to increase the altitude. Fashion thick sequins loose pastry with leisure slippers, want to have a pair of long legs, in addition to clothing, a pair of slippers with slippers is also essential to you. Pancies with loose masonry thick sandals diamond jewelry, girls must like, fashion shining diamond decoration, so that shoes become more trend, BLingBLing shiny bright ornaments in the sunshine is very eye-catching. Fish mouth sandals slope with a thick base of loose shoes, both show legs thin and tall, fashion and wild, it is very modeling sense, models more elegant and decent, beautiful feet open show. At the same time won the beauty of your favorite, so that you change the goddess, your shoe is also a lack of a pair. Rhitheric calling composition, Rhitheranitheraint calling rounds. Refinding stratifier, All the upper hollow design, increased soles to make a better high, so that the legs look even longer legs Oh.

    The use of comfortable leather fabric, highlighting the woman's playful fashion, every detail seems to be just right, not smelly feet, very breathable and comfortable, stylish high-end sexy wild, easily exudes the nike outlet store infinite charm of urban women. Selection of high-quality first layer of cowhide material production, decorative sense of strong, gives a refreshing feeling, high-quality PU soles of the line clear and natural, unique Velcro styling design, this is not easy to wear, wear resistance while maintaining the light of the shoes. Slope with nike store fashion Roman sandals, the use of suede fabric. This shoe is simple in the hidden machine, the design of the toes is very special, lazy and unique and unique. The use of imported soft surface material, on the foot of the skin does not wear feet, the perfect combination of cortical real, nike running shoes can be a good show of women's temperament.

    Thick sandy beaches with sandals, slope with fish mouth sandals, stretching leg lines, can be a good modification of the foot type, naturally and the distribution of elegant feminine. The new open-toed slope with sandals, hot summer has a pair of nice shoes to bring out the charm of women.

    2017-09-18 11:17:13
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