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  • Boys need to pay attention to wear these knowledge points

    I believe a lot of boys must be surprised, why girls in the dress makeup above so many units of moths? But in fact, for boys, there are some cold knowledge is also used in the daily wear is very useful. Many boys like to "rough master" itself, but dirty and "rough" is not able to draw the equal sign. Boys do not need to wear the above girls like girls so cumbersome, so I think it is necessary to empty out a small part of the time to straighten yourself. Saying that the skills of the trousers trousers now has been playing rotten, BUT is not your trousers roll a few laps on the ok? You have a good grasp of the overall shape of the effect is simply more with less. Folding trousers must be in the ankle inside the fold, in the process of folding the pants to close your ankle, so when walking is not too easy to release, the more the more will be more tight, so be sure to control a good At the beginning of the scale, jeans can be rolled a few times longer. If you are not going to vacation or shoot large, do not understand why some boys like to wear with a lollipop. Words bright color of the clothes really is very picky, if the material and version of the type did not pay attention to, then wear it became a small LOW LOW spokesperson.

    So in the life of the ride, the proposed boys to fresh and simple color-based tone, so that no color mix and match after the visual fatigue, but also give a sense of freshness. Now some boys flirtatious so that girls are ashamed, tight pants really easy to give a barber shop Tonny's sense of view. Tight pants are actually more likely to burst nike sale out of the various shortcomings of the legs, so the boys choose to be careful to be careful carefully! Version of the three-dimensional pants have a good modification of the leg and elongated visual ratio of the effect, do not need tight pants, choose tough pants to replace the pants is also a good choice. In this high value of the popular world, you still get up in the morning is a cold water wiping your face? Long-term so do not pay attention to the face of the clean, it is easy in the small fresh meat to teach the director's face. Many boys do not learn at a young age, learn that middle-aged uncle dress rules. The shirt into the pants, with a large logo of the belt, forged unearthed wealthy feeling. Many people like to put the keys like a string of grapes hanging on the pants, to say or the Chinese men's waist is good, what things are dare to pants above the other. Some shirts new nike shoes and blouses in fact do not need very cumbersome decoration, sometimes the belt will appear more than once in one fell swoop. If it is not necessary, it is recommended that the belt must be too rigid and boring, according to nike shoes sale their overall dress and color to match. Promised me, the accessories and the keys do not hang up any okay? Want to believe that many boys in the wardrobe of the proportion of jeans is still very large, although the years have been the taste of the jeans before the taste, but "taste" is not smell Oh. Long-term do not wash jeans give a very dirty feeling, nike clearance retro wind becomes a slovenly wind

    2017-08-21 10:53:07
  • As a man, you must have a pair of happy shoes and sandals

    And finally ushered in a beautiful spring and summer season, our shoes have to start the "season", and especially the occasion and wear off the convenience of wild and happy shoes are loved by men. As the necessary shoes, music shoes, whether in the major show or fashion street shooting, have a high exposure. As a man, your shoe has a pair of happy shoes? Soft and delicate leather, texture, clear and natural, dedicated interpretation of the comfort of the public sense of quality, metal accessories distributed metallic luster, the finishing touch of the pen against the wisdom of men. Unique irregular design, extensive embodies the delicate, physical self-cultivation, extensive style, is the love of casual people. Water and soft worn leather upper, special craft color toe, grain texture, full of clear, soft skin, folding deformation without leaving marks, comfortable new experience. Cosmic tide series using a variety of fresh leather, woven fabrics, the use of multiple adjustment of the film and other printing technology, offer low-key gorgeous most of the acquaintances of sandals is the impression that the purchase of uncle, otaku exclusive single product. In fact, are the choice of the wearer nike outlet or with the wrong to the impression of others, in every corner of the universe, sandals can be regarded as the summer trend of the summer shoes necessary. In fact, choose a good shoes with the match, you can also make nikes on sale a change between the quality nike outlet of men. Wearing this pair of sandals, they will love their own, let alone the way the sister of the road. Gold ratio, sophisticated technology. Sandals and slippers wear two, easy to deal with any occasion. Heat waves struck, your journey needs it to accompany. "Foot" is so soft enough to be comfortable summer. Selection of fine leather fine polished, soft and delicate touch, nylon ribbon to strengthen the shoe type, rubber outsole forming, soft doubled. Customized Velcro, casual sandals, three-way balance force, let you gait steady with speed. Sole massage small particles, playing water to reverse anti-skid. Velcro shoes can quickly wear off and adjust the size. Minimalist design, no cumbersome decoration, simple and simple. Followed by loose free adjustment, strong sticky sticky more solid, wear off freely without restraint! Class printing graffiti tide shoes, full of vitality and interesting.

    2017-08-16 11:06:08
  • Canvas shoes how to match the more dirty the more fashionable canvas shoes
  • The recent temperature has been high, the word with sandals interpretation of classic fashion
  • Flat sandals, give you a steady happiness
  • According to the foot type selection sandals, fashion is not wasted money!
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  • Wide pants to cheap nike shoes catch the popular shoes, cool cool handsome do not stop
  • You can wear sandals so handsome, only you!
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