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  • Roman shoes, fashionable retro choice!

    Roman shoes, also known as the Roman Gladiator shoes, especially in this spring and summer season is very popular, both feet can make your feet breathable and give you a variety of concave shape of the opportunity is really easy to wear! And full of Europe and the United States retro fashion sense of the Roman shoes can easily create a stylish Western style, bean bag is also very heart water, this period will give you recommend Roman shoes, Come and see! Cost is very high a high-heeled Roman shoes, the use of matte ultra-dough fabric, tendon soles wear comfortable, square head ankle buckle design simple and generous, rough and high-heel is not stable and good, must store ah! Very Ma nike sale Lizhen style of a Roman shoes, simple shoes with a touch of color to help the surface of the word buckle very fashionable retro, trapezoidal rough with you enough sense of security is not tired of the foot is not tired feet, intimate and comfortable! Simple atmosphere of the British style of Roman shoes, and sometimes the cheap nike shoes most popular matte fabric, comes with retro effect, slim and buckle on the cross of the cross-strap design full of Roman style, thick high-heeled multi-color optional very Western The Roman shoes is a sandals version, flat design is very suitable for students party friends, simple and generous shoes and cross-strap design comes with fashion elements, the feet are also very casual wild, comfortable and breathable! Roman shoes is a more seductive sexy style, the use of custom knitted fabrics, breathable head layer of leather inside, sheepskin insole grade, small pointed and printed letters followed by ribbon design is full of creative!

    High value of the cost-effective Roman shoes sandals is the following this, 10mm double smooth belt buckle is very simple atmosphere, cross the word buckle wrapped slender ankle is very tempting, electroplating followed by Western style fashionable, it is worth starting! Roman shoes popular, but very high, popular bursting, because the ultra-high value, fresh small pointed cute Western style, slim cross straps wrapped design is not only good stability is also very suitable for concave shape, what style are hold live, It is a beautiful cry! British wind full of a loose cake flat Roman shoes, absolutely lazy benefits ah! Not only good to wear is also very casual wild, cattle suede frosted leather fabric tassel design sweet and lovely, Velcro design nike shop easy to wear off, with skirt pants black and white nikes are very nice! Very very fashionable a Roman shoes, is simply a fashionable people must have money! Simple flat design, the most eye-catching is that it's strap design, slender matte skin can be tied from the ankle all the way to the knee below, with short skirts hot pants is not too handsome personality!

    2017-07-27 11:00:52
  • Shoes fashion culture, worth having

    What is more important than having a pair of comfortable shoes? It will accompany you all day, never give up the best of your warmth and protection. But only the protection has been unable to meet the beauty of the sister of the heart of friends, fashion is also very important to look good Oh, then today's sister who just like your favorite Xiaobian experience, shoes, fashion culture, the United States, anyway, Xiao Bian has been Less than it! Ms. low to help high heel shoes, using pointed, shallow mouth, rough with these fashion elements of the design. Uppers decorated with metal buckle shape, it looks very atmospheric, pure color of the fine work, occupy your beauty. Shoes, England Fan full, but also super nice Oh. Suitable for the love of the wind like the sister, with a wide leg pants, immediately full of handsome. Butterfly Festival design let it in the handsome but also added a trace of the girl atmosphere. Beautiful not! Sexy velvet face with stylish pointed design, so that this shoe has looked very unusual, and it is so wayward, metal pearl chain elements, let it immediately shine bright, put it, Xiao Bian believe You will be the focus of the crowd, nike running shoes really nice line. Very special a heel design Oh, seemingly fine, but actually put on to teach as thick as the same as the oh. Pearl metal a buckle Europe and the United States synchronized design, the nike free 5.0 feet are very good look. Pants skirt is a good choice.

    This year, this plain shoes are particularly popular. This version is becoming more and more popular. With a little bit of classic retro small square head. And comfortable nike air max and comfortable with the rough with. Height just rough with the rough, it will look a lot of delicate. Ankle is the same color of the buckle, the shoes are filled with the goddess of temperament. With jeans, skirts are very nice. One fell in love with a shoe, really nice to see, street shooting concave shape to have some models Oh, full of fashion sense, dressed in ordinary clothes as long as with this shoe, can turn the fashion up to people Oh, very texture, basic style, fashionable and wild Oh, a little bit with the increase in height at the same time also very good to wear Oh. British Fan design, minimalist lines, giving a "handsome beauty" feeling, designer ingenious design, neither will be exaggerated into the grid will not mediocre to nike store rotten street, can bring out the literary young women unique The temperament! But also very IN this year, very tune, it is worth pondering, and very good match, very suitable for you to start your taste Oh Elegant Fan full of a leather shoes. Stitching the design plus gold ring, great feeling. Put on the shoes as if it became Europe and the United States Street beat the goddess. Full of momentum, strong sister must. Pointed butterfly flat shoes, suede fabric. And ordinary pointed flat shoes is different. This section adds the bow. It seems a bit small sexy and playful. Pointed design can look more slender legs, goddess Fan full.

    2017-07-26 11:39:55
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