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  • Sports shoes big run, do not look to see?

    It is very suitable for sports shoes in the winter, because it is plus velvet thick base section, so it is very warm, with the appropriate exercise can quickly adapt to the cold winter, repair the cortex and the combination of cake at the end of praise yo, plus On the nikes on sale fight color super tide. Sports shoes inside the material used in the material of the yarn, so the breathability is particularly good, flat version of the design allows you to nike shop exercise more comfortable when there is no pressure Oh, Velcro close way is more convenient. Matte leather material and the yarn inside the material so that this pair of shoes from the inside to the outside show the best quality of the state, round head of the end of the design is super praise yo, microfiber to help you to the material The best feeling ah! Lace-type sports shoes is very suitable for running Oh, even in the cold winter can also be due to exercise and make the body full of nike discount store temperature rise, shallow mouth nike clearance models are very good tide look, suede leather material makes the color is very good. Shoes are suitable for running and travel, high-quality soles to give you the most comfortable feeling, frosted cortical awesome, plus lace round with a free and easy feeling,

    Sports shoes soles used to shake the style of the shoe, the depth of the mouth and the round head of the combination of the head is really super ride, because it is pure color models, so the super wild soles are also used to shake the bottom, so it is super comfortable Yo, coupled with the characteristics of suede leather, so whether it is texture or feel is very warm and very warm plus cashmere, short plush material will not be too stuffy, after all, Xiaobian today is like to exercise the sister We introduce the shoes ah! Superfine fiber to help the surface material makes the quality of super good ah.

    2017-05-26 10:57:12
  • Wild canvas shoes, against the summer fashion depth

    College atmosphere of canvas shoes, from the seventies and eighties when the men and women have always been a fashionable single product, fashion circles today is still the crush nike clearance of the heart is good, alone it can survive so Years of the cycle of reincarnation, it is not a simple thing. Speaking of canvas shoes, it gives the feeling is always reveals a kind of indescribable tone, and a trace of lazy rebellious sense, directed at these, also destined it is different from the general style of shoes, Fashion is self-evident. Having said that, in Xiaobian's memory, canvas shoes are sports shoes, a class of shoes, it should be with the sports equipment was harmonious, but in fact it is not the case, it is not really inclusive of the general strong, with jeans , Skirt, and even suit pants can show a very fashionable tone it, do not believe your own look. Europe and the United States fashion street shoot people out of the street dress, wearing a white hedge T-shirt, with wide leg jeans, their high canvas shoes, not only to bring out the proportion of the perfect gold figure, but also show the words are easy and free.

    Spring white hedge T-shirt, selected high-quality cotton fabric, personal wear comfortable skin-friendly, Slim was thin version of the type, but cheap nike basketball shoes also play a modified face effect, even more stylish and generous. Retro fashionable wide leg jeans, loose small straight version of the design, with nine points of the trouser legs cheap nike shoes design, it is able to highlight the women's slender legs black and white nikes straight legs. Spring casual fashionable flat canvas shoes, comfortable flat design, with adjustable lace decoration, highlighting the free and unruly fashionable gas field, even more Western style. Europe and the United States fashion influx of people, with a simple and generous sleeveless vest, with denim shorts, and white canvas shoes out of the street shape, showing sexy sultry big legs, but also from the bones scattered with the uninhibited unruly The

    Summer new white vest, Slim was thin version of the design, with a simple small round design, upper body to highlight the female body more slim and charming, chest printed letters decoration, fashion is not monotonous. Summer new denim shorts, this pants with retro washed fabric, color clear, showing the literary atmosphere, chic heart pants pocket decoration, even more beautiful. Casual fashion college wind canvas shoes, high-help version of the design, with a classic lace decoration, it is able to highlight the female college atmosphere, fashionable Western style. Who said that dress will have to wear high heels, take off high heels, put on the classic fashionable canvas shoes, sexy and comfortable with the perfect combination of freedom and comfort, showing the personality of the fashionable gas field, street shooting full.

    Freshly printed dress, Slim thin version of the design, bring out the women's slim and charming body curve, romantic lotus sleeve design, with the impact of the lotus leaf hem decoration, even more sexy and elegant. Spring casual fashion lace small white shoes, this shoe with the classic hit color soles decorated, highlighting the distinctive fashionable gas field, even more fashionable.

    2017-05-25 11:00:24
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