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  • White board shoes with what socks look good?

    A lot of fashion people in the wear are very focused on wearing small details, such as in the white board shoes with what socks on the issue will be able to dig a lot of wear style to wear. No matter how the style of the shoes, are unable to withstand this version of the trend and type of gas field, so shoes should wear what kind of socks, Xiaobian feel socks should be "according to the" shoes personality. White board shoes with what socks? The current popular shoes with socks is wearing a sock with a pair of shoes, no matter what color socks, as long as the shallow mouth socks version are very good to hide the color of the socks, this kind of method with a good solution to the socks And whiteboard shoes with the color of the problem, and it is able to highlight the style of dress and fashion style, both men and women like to wear this way.

    What are the socks? Whiteboard shoes with a shallow socks is one, but there is another mix of style, that is, a little fashion week that sense of stockings with whiteboard shoes, this style is also popular with everyone's favorite, very international fashion up to people nike air max Of the Fan. Stockings with whiteboard shoes This style should pay attention to is the color of shoes and socks with. Classic combination of white stockings with white shoes more harmonious, but many fashion people do not have this, they like to use bright colors to contrast the white plate shoes quiet, such as with black or red stockings, so that Wearing a ride can show a person's personality, stockings in the present is very different, especially to attract people's attention.

    White board shoes with what socks? Some people like to wear shallow stockings, highlight the temperament of white shoes, some people like to wear and color stockings, want to wear with some Fan, no matter what kind of dress for Xiaobian are good-looking, but the key is Which is the most suitable for their own white shoes with socks the most correct choice.

    2017-03-27 13:39:49
  • Feet wide wear what shoes look good? How do people choose shoes?

    Feet wide wear cheap nike basketball shoes what shoes look good? Feet wide MM who can try to open toe sandals, clothes on a simple with a shirt-style vest, you can choose a flexible 9 points or trousers dark pants, feet with a delicate texture of the anklet will be Make you look very feminine.

    Feet wide wear what shoes look good? I personally is not very recommended feet wide or fat MM choose toe round very round shoes, wearing round shoes will make feet look wider and more fat and a little short, feet wide wear what shoes look good, can appear feet Slim some? You can try to wear semi-circular semi-pointed shoes, do not seem to feel very fat feet, but also look more slender, more important is the semi-round shoes left to the foot of the space is still relatively large, so recommended wide MM can choose semi-round shoes to match your dress.

    Pointed shoes can make wide feet can also look slender, very modified foot type of role, but the fly in the ointment is pointed shoes to wear easily feel crowded feet, if you do not care about the effect of wearing only hope that the feet wide wear What shoes look good? Answer: round shoes must be wide choice of feet.

    Semi-round shoes and pointed shoes which style is more suitable for wide feet it? Feet wide wear what shoes look good? I personally recommend is: Feet narrow MM can choose semi-round shoes, feet wide MM can choose pointed shoes. But from a sense of wearing a sense of what foot wear wide shoes look good, semi-round shoes is a more compromise choice, both on the feet have been modified to wear more comfortable.

    Usually wear Baotou shoes is not easy to appear feet wide, to the summer to wear sandals need to reveal their feet when the wide feet is very easy to expose the shortcomings. Summer feet wide wear what shoes look good? Wearing a simple style of thin sandals, so that the shortcomings of the wide feet exposed, feet look wide and short, no lines at all, even on both sides of the front foot and squeeze in the shoes on the outside, and this fine With sandals in front of the belt is not very fine style, some MM like more thin belt of shoes, which can not be the slightest foot of the role of modification Oh

    So feet wide wear what shoes do not highlight the foot of the big enough? You can choose the part of the toe on both sides of the relatively wide, you can wrap the widest part of the foot, and the center of the shoe and received a relatively small, visually can not see the shortcomings of foot width, and even more feet Beautiful slim, is the most suitable for wide foot shoes style Oh!

    2017-03-27 13:29:11
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