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  • Fashion shallow shoes, easy to nike air max help you get out with

    It is said that shallow shoes are born as a male dance shoes, and later became one of the women's usual shoes, haha, there is a saying: a woman born love beautiful, for all beautiful nike shoes sale people and things do not have any resistance , Not very appropriate Well! Shallow shoes, will reveal a smooth foot and slender ankle, plain gives a visual difference, people look smaller feet, but also make the lower body ratio becomes better up. Classic round design, comfortable not crowded feet, there is no publicity of the high heel, only concerned about the comfort of your feet, to say to give your feet the most comfortable experience. Cross-strap design fashion atmosphere, rough with the wear is not tired feet. A pair of good shoes can show beautiful leg lines, reflecting the owner's character and taste. Retro color choice, the classic square design, there is a high degree of appropriate rough with, all reflect the elegant taste. Suede pointed nike store shallow shoes, superb hand-made, quality assurance. Classic fashion wild style, how to wear are nice! Soft and comfortable, thin foot shoes version, show women charm! Thick and high with the design, can be increased, but also more comfortable than the thin, whether it is love high heels MM, or wear high heels MM, will be fascinated by its comfort. Small pointed design not only highlights elegance, and the toe is more in line with the design of the human foot type, do not press the toes, bring comfort foot feeling.

    Shallow mouth of the shoes selected suede material, soft touch, showing a confident light. Pointed design, so that the instep is slender, cross the straps distributed sweet atmosphere. Style atmosphere, highlight the temperament. Suede leather shoes to elegant classic styling show people, superb tailoring production process to give this wild pink single product to flawless work, low rough with the design can ensure that you walk comfortably stand all day long. Black low-key calm, but exudes the charm can not be ignored. Sexy little tip, so that your shape more mature taste, regardless of the workplace, communication, it makes you gas field doubled. Comfortable flat heel, let your body relax. Unique design of the small square head, shiny bright little rough with, plus the metal foot ring and embellishment on the bead, really reflects the importance of a pair of shoes on the shape, showing you 120% of the beautiful! Ergonomic design to create, delicate touch so that no matter how long you go, it will not feel tired feet.

    2017-10-18 08:59:02
  • Remove the shoes smell 7 coup, the first many people used

    Beloved shoes for a long time there will always be some smell, this time a lot of people think of the cleaning, and if the regular cleaning, it is easy to wash the shoes, then what way, can remove the smell of shoes without damage to shoes The In fact, a lot of things around us, you can very good to remove the smell of shoes, but we usually can not think of it. Here to give you a few Kaopu method! We may wish to try, the effect is still very good Oh! You can put some orange peel in the shoes, orange peel fresh can be a good absorption of smell, and this method is very simple, do not damage the shoes. With the right amount of cotton dipped in some alcohol, and then stuffed into the shoes inside, after all night, the cotton has been killed, the alcohol nike store is also volatile, so after 2-3 weeks, the smell of shoes can be eliminated. We can buy in the pharmacy Oh, as long as a little down in the shoes, you nike sale can effectively remove the smell of shoes. Shoes are smell, are generally caused by sweating, so you can use hair dryer against the inside of the shoes blowing a few minutes, remember to use hot air blowing Oh, and then can effectively dry to moisture, shoes, smell can also be very good Of the night before going to bed, the amount of lime will be loaded nike air max with a small bag, and then put into the shoes inside can be a good removal of moisture, and lime can effectively sterilization. Can be a few pieces of health balls rolled into powder, and then placed in a clean shoe, pad a good insole, you can effectively remove beriberi, reduce the smell of shoes Oh.

    You can put the ginger in the shoes inside the essential oils, the aroma of this essential oil can be a good way to remove the smell of shoes, so that the shoes back to clean. Hit the color of the Martin boots both national wind, dense shoelaces are very personal, side zipper design easy to wear off, heel printed on the Chinese wind flowers, very stylish atmosphere, rough with the design of nike running shoes a strong sense of comfort is A retro and nostalgic shoes. Martin boots with velvet upper, very simple, heel and shoes hit the color style is very novel, square head design personality full, after the design of the zipper not only played a decorative role, but also easy to wear off. Wear-resistant anti-skid tendon end is not tired feet. Cow patent leather and pearl ring and other classic elements with these together, so that shoes look very stylish, bright upper to bring a fresh sense of fashion, inside the use of breathable fiber suede, not only comfortable, and Keep warm.

    2017-10-16 08:59:34
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