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  • Shoes in the knowledge, pick a good ride even more high!

    The knowledge of the shoes, how much do you know? Especially for small girls, the selection of the right and proper shoes to make you more visually high, of course, if you do not know the shoes on the design of small tips, then hold up, then follow the pace of small Qi down Look at it. Did you notice that? These fashion bloggers of the street shooting, regardless of wearing a skirt or wearing jeans, with the shoes are exposed feet of the straps shoes, ok, learn to come, exposed feet of shoes to wear it will make you even higher Oh, If it is exposed feet of the pointed shoes, then the visual can make your legs extended to the instep, can not be high?

    Baby, do not see the foot of the shoes, is not so visual is not so high, long legs to the ankle so far, if you are sweet mushroom, then with the improper will be more significant, even if the fire to the universe Of the small white shoes, if the flat design, with jeans, little man wearing a ride is still a short, is not it?

    Shoes in addition to high-heeled you can easily be significantly higher, to remember: exposed feet, thick shoes is also easy to make you feel more important care machine Oh ~ this summer is not coming, Shoes do not wear now, but also when? This season, compared to the large area of ??the back of the foot, then the small qi is also relatively recommended British nike outlet store wind at the instep of the soles of the shoes, but with a knee skirt or pants can make you easily pick up a few centimeters. And similar shoes, but also this year's trend of money shoes, it is said that good people have been wearing clothes to pull up! Almost college campus will see a British Fan children shoes, small tassels embellishment, so that the basic section of the black part of the more playful fashion sense, with high waist skirt, easy to achieve significant visual effects. Combined with the trend of this year, this single shoes designed into the style of the square head, full of fashion retro feel, in addition, there are metal ring buckle embellishment, wild resistance to look at the full range of children. Almost everyone has a pair of music happy square shoes, simple shoe design, but has the most wild visual effects. Known as shaking the small white shoes fashion position of the square shoes, you have a shoe? Little girl can not miss the exposed feet of the first pointed shoes come, there are two high principles. One is the bare feet to extend the visual leg to the instep, and the tip of the toe is also a high degree of careful design carefully Oh, simple but with knee dress, skirt or high waist shorts, was so high to let you scream The

    Even if you are a small person, wearing a simple wind dorsal foot back shoes, but with the knee high waist skirt or high waist pants, still able to wear their own big long legs both visual sense, warm tips, choose close to the skin color The tip of the exposed shoes even more high Oh. Compared to the previous one of the sexy elegance, this pointed shoes is even more sweet temperament, thick with the design, wear more comfortable not tired feet, simple word buckle, highlights the slender ankle.

    2017-03-28 14:06:57
  • Flat shoes by the office workers welcome the end of thin not shock easily hurt feet

    Not just high heels, many seemingly safe shoes are also hurt, such as female office workers welcome the "flat shoes" (flat shoes). Observe the female office workers, will find that people who wear high heels less than imagined, replaced by sections like ballet shoes like thin bottom shoes. But the flat shoes are not selected will hurt. The

    Flat shoes the most important problem is the soles of thin, no "midsole", so less shoes should be shock-absorbing function, and sometimes even the equivalent of barefoot walking on the ground. Many women take a long time to start heel pain; some people walking posture problems to the soles of the feet, there will be pain before the soles of the feet, long-term will produce plantar fasciitis. Diagnosis need to see the patient walking posture, will know where the problem lies, not only palliative. In addition, many cheap shoes material is very hard, not long before wearing wear heel, heel, etc., every step to tear about. Careful observation of some women will be affixed to a heel ankle, and finally grinding out blisters or abnormal hyperplasia. This is because the flat shoes shallow mouth, no tape to help the feet fixed feet, heel non-stop up and down friction, more prone to this situation. The

    In addition to the heel, each person's foot type is different, some people more convex bone, and then wear a narrow head flat shoes or high heels, toe joints easy to grind one of the calluses. The

    Some people want to rely on the bow pad or insoles to relieve foot pain. But the effect is not big, because the heel is not high enough, so thick insole, heel but easy to run out; some foot pain is due to foot structure problems, especially the forefoot rotation, load caused by arch collapse, Bow pad, so that the arch hold up, but to pull the plantar fascia, the pain even more powerful. The

    Therefore, the choice of "flat shoes", the nike store bottom should not be too thin, choose the soles of the thickness or low heel is better; uppers also try to cover the front foot of the shoes; insoles can not be added, Shoes, if sustained pain, first find a doctor to understand their main cause of foot pain, see the doctor has no recommended purchase insoles. Experts suggest that thin bottom shoes best when the indoor slippers to wear like, if the long away, it is best to give up flat shoes.

    2017-03-28 14:01:11
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