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3 trick to teach you to solve the problem of falling off boots, take it not bad!

Winter, the fashion circles of those nike store high-stature star models have fans like the same "boots" complex. Whether it is with a coat coat or a long sweater can wear out of their own cool handsome style. However, there is a problem with knee-high boots, that is, knees and boots always walked down how to do? Sometimes even if the slide is not much, but the package does not look good in the legs. Presumably the little fairies have been plagued by this problem, Xiaobian come today to help you solve what the boots go down the problem. When walking through the knee boots love to decline? Mainly because of three reasons, engage in a clear reason why, in the condemnation. Legs too thin; boots too wide; boots cortex too soft, can not stand up. What is there any solution to this Xiaobian today to teach you how to deal with these three problems! Legs girl often do not have the trouble of falling off the boots, their daily trouble is how to put their own thick legs into the boots, so if it is because the legs are too thin off the barrel from the "thick" leg start , Is not for everyone to wear a pair of boots to fat Oh ~ but by socks. If the leg is too thin to wear nike store tube socks, if it is close to the location of the boot, you can add a pair of wool socks, beyond the part into the boot, just stuck in the boot, it will not go down. Fear cold sister can also directly to a pair of leggings.

Legends of the light leg artifact, riders think wearing a boot or create a feeling of dew color is cheap nike air max more tide, the weather is really bare legs will be very cold, so add a velvet flesh color bottomed socks is the best choice. This is a variety of skin color options, we can choose according to their own color, put on will be more natural. There are two solutions for the boots are too wide, one is invisible, one is to make an appearance in the appearance. Solution one: to repair the shoes to find a master to a wide rubber band, just the size of the knee on the amount of just a little tight circle, and then boots where the knee is above, find a few hidden points , Called the master tied in boots, warranty will never slip, because hiding in boots, does not new nike shoes affect the appearance. Solution two: perforated lace, plus a V-shaped mouth behind the boots, playing two holes, to find a belt with the same color tied together. Can be tied into a bow, although exposed, is still very good looking.

If it is too soft over the knee leather boots, can not afford to stand up, you can find a professional shoe repair shop, plus a thick material lining. It is not easy to stand up, or loose in the boots at the elastic band, a little wider, not Le, feeling tight under the belt can not get around the legs can not Le on it. Elastic band wrapped around the legs, the boot is not easy to fall.