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4 small coup to solve the new nike shoes shoes grinding foot problem

Xiaobian wearing a new small shoes today to buy a wave of waves out in a circle, it is extremely painful to come back, the instep has been worn a few small blisters, angry Xiaobian anger check mother, summed up a few to solve the newly purchased leather shoes mill Foot problems, take it out and share with you ~ 4 small coup to solve the problem of grinding shoes! Can use wet towel to cover a few minutes, let the shoes gradually wet soften, and then take rolling pin, round bottle like cylindrical Rolls the object several times. If it is the rear of the shoe grinding feet, wet wipes can be fully dried, and then soaked with white wine, shop shoes edge part, with a clip fixed for nike shop a night can be placed on If the new shoes pinch, first a newspaper After soaking in dough, squeeze the water and wrap it in a dry newspaper, stuffed it into a shoe and put it in for a comfortable night. Use Vaseline to rub the part of the grinding foot, and then place for two days during the maintenance of Vaseline without interruption, so that the leather will be smooth and smooth a lot. get it? After buying shoes and then grinding feet, do not complain innocently or change a new shoe oh ~ just do the above nike shoes sale four small move on it

Fine autumn and winter small shoes, lace texture is very young girl. Upper soft, using the first layer of leather. Rough with the heel, more protection of your feet, walking naturally. Insoles with the first layer of pigskin, breathable and comfortable to walk to enjoy the elegant ~ British style knot is the girl's dream in every girl's heart, is a pure representative oh ~ ~ a little British style and a little Mary Jane shoes design, full of girls heart . Shoe buckle is very chic, pendant hanging down, walking a full lovely feeling ~ and the fabric is very comfortable Oh ~ very significant height of a thick heel shoes, walking smoothly, followed by flexible, you can do a shoe and two wear Oh . The use of high quality leather coating process, breathable shoes while maintaining delicate shoes, very comfortable breathable oh. Pointed design modern full, split vamp breathable fashion, shallow mouth shoes generous appearance, for OL and weekday office workers ~ full of feminine shoes, high quality and delicate PU leather, very comfortable cheap nike air max and breathable, full of tension and Flexibility. Rectangular heel design, exudes fashion soft attitude, height and comfort ~