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A pair of shoes will be able to see the man's character preferences

Look at a boy first look at his shoes, through the shoes we can see his living standards, lifestyle and life characteristics.

Men like to wear the type of shoes and the habit of wearing shoes, you can reveal a lot of potential information, a lot of time, men do not take the initiative to talk with you open, but also from his shoes to see his character preferences. Like to wear casual shoes of men, most of life more casual, more comfortable pursuit of life, with a certain taste of life. One of the men who wear casual shoes, the appearance of the shoes is not very much care, but more care about the comfort of shoes, soles of softness, such men pick the future of the other half of the time, will be more care about his wife's Whether the quality of virtue can be thriving. Another type of man, pay attention to casual shoes and clothing black nike shoes with, always go straight ahead in the trend of the forefront of fashion, they not only demanding their own, the other half of the choice is more stringent, they are always humorous , Talk too much girl like.

Love to wear a formal leather shoes. Some men have a soft spot for very orthodox leather nike sale shoes, especially in black shoes. This love wearing a formal black nike shox leather shoes, always the beloved shoes rub the light can Kam, never tolerate the above a trace of dust, they always wear generous decent, will not exaggerate the burden of their character is also very traditional , And even some conservative. They do not like too new things, the lack of concern about the popular, there is a cheap nike shoes unique charm, which is unique to mature men experienced the charm of years of precipitation. If you fall in love with this type of man, a lot of performance of their virtuous gentle, showing a unique charm of mature women, they will be deeply attracted to you.