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According to the foot type selection sandals, fashion is not wasted money!

Every woman should wear sandals in the summer. Sandals can not only liberate their feet, or essential dress up a single product, the market, suitable for women's sandals style is very much, high-heeled flat tie with the tie ... ... every year new, every year Explosive, every year women will buy a few pairs of women Many people think that as long as the trend will be able to buy a good sandals, in fact, this idea is wrong, a lot of shoes look good, but not for their own, the saying goes, "shoes do not fit, , Only to recognize their own foot type, which type of sandals best suited to this type of foot, taking into account the fashion trend, is the best choice. Buy sandals are cheap nikes generally divided into three steps, first pick the style, and then on the feet to try, feel appropriate to start to buy. If it is online to buy, then the second step can be omitted. Only pick a pair of shoes on the appearance, but not necessarily for their own. Others wear suitable, beautiful shoes to wear you why ugly ugly? This is because you did not follow their feet to choose shoes, the following small wear on the talk about the selection of shoes know-how.

Egyptian foot is the most common foot type, is also considered the best to see the foot type, the Egyptian foot is the biggest feature, toe wide medium, toes length nike running shoes from the thumb began to decline. Women with Egyptian feet, you can choose some of the soles of the soles of the soles, such as the common oblique tip, oblique round, the arc of the shoes and the nike shox toes of the arc to match, the thumb will not look very abrupt. But the Egyptian feet small wear is not recommended pointed shoes, wearing a big toe no hiding place, and for a long time down, the thumb joints easily concave, it will form the thumb eversion. Like to wear high heels, then choose the round style is also good, it seems the girl full of heart, with a sweet series of clothing particularly good. A pedal light wild, no shoelaces without zipper, is a lazy star must have a single product, but also very suitable for Egyptian sister sister paper, this kind of shoes can be regarded as a classic, every year a new product, never out of date, In the dress with a very wild, commuter equipment, casual wear can wear, with the best jewelry to the classic models.

Greek feet feet is the longest two toes, even more than the big toe. Said the Greek feet are beautiful feet, the study found that the Greek foot of the bones are more perfect, limbs will be relatively slender, like the New York goddess of freedom, the Greek god statues are Greek feet Friends of the Greek feet do not choose the kind of two toes look particularly prominent sandals, such as fish mouth shoes. In the squeeze, the two toes stand out, quite intoxicating. Therefore, the small children who have the Greek foot to recommend, or can choose to completely wrap the front foot of the shoes, so do not see the toes exposed;

Foot type matching shoes are more conservative, the overall shape will be stable in the main, with some of the proposed more fashionable, avant-garde jewelry, increase agility and jump sense, such as clear and charming sea blue baby necklace is suitable for summer wear Oh Some people say that the Roman feet are born for the ballet feet, because this foot type, almost a few toes length, very suitable for wearing ballet shoes. Even if not ballet, some square head or square round is also very suitable. And this type of foot will all black nike shoes have to avoid wearing pointed sandals, or there will be no place to place the toes of the situation, the following shoes, looks like a small shoe is actually a shoe type and foot type does not match. Small wear comparison recommended square shoes, Mary Jane shoes square head style, obediently ladies temperament. Black models are the most practical wild, many occasions are applicable. Red models are a bit flirtatious, with the best time and the color of clothes or accessories echoes. Side with the retro shoes, was not tired feet. From last year to this year, in all kinds of fashion street shot in the rate is still very high, but it is not sandals, but as a single shoe, it is also suitable for summer wear it! So, ah, sister paper in the selection of sandals, the first thing to pay attention to sandals soles and their feet are not anastomosis, not to say the appropriate number of yards on the appropriate, and do not blindly look at the bottom of the narrow shoes, feel good buy. When the time to wear inappropriate, suffer their own.