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Can not wear flat shoes? They are wearing a very long legs ah

Have a pair of long legs is how nike store enviable thing ah, after all, long legs to headstrong. For the little we, want to have long legs, then, can only rely on wearing a cheating. Instant thought of high heels? But sometimes high heels wearing too tired feet, flat shoes can wear large long legs? of course can! You must have heard the pointed flat shoes can cause extended visual differences in the calf, which can make the legs look longer? Short sister who should have tried it? The effect is good, but also out of the hate days of high crumbling, the choice of daily life. But wear more pointed shoes is also very monotonous, from the beginning of this summer to master a few ways it Wearing a flat shoes can not be tightly wrapped around his legs, revealing a large area of ??the legs but will make legs look more slender. High waist A word skirt should cheap nike sneakers also be one of the first choice of the sister, if you love to wear skirts, shorts do not have to say, as much as possible to choose high waist, trousers, then, you have to roll up the nike shoes on sale trousers, so exposed The thinnest ankle can make cheap nikes your body more slender. Ignore her strong gas field, the whole look at her really do not like 162 ah. She is in the choice of flat shoes when you wear the bare body of the shoe body, because this and the color of the skin is very close, so the visual as a whole has extended, plus nine pants to wear the law, legs naturally look It is very slender, and really is too hard to wear the law.

This year finally appeared a pair of fashionable people can give up the days of high-lying flat shoes appeared, it is tied with flat shoes. In addition to the very personality, the banding elements to add, but also better extension of sight, easy to wear large long legs. Pointed shoes in the visual can stretch the body type, so you want to wear large legs of the sister who is definitely your preferred style. Shoes, good softness to ensure the comfort of the feet, the same color of the small bow of the embellishment of shoes such as ballet shoes like the elegant temperament. Bow is very eye-catching, free and easy knotting knot way also has a kind of unconventional look, but also because the bow again fixed, so that shoes wearing a more solid, not easy to fall. Earth color of the shoe body, low-key simple and wild, love the shape of the low with really full of girls heart. Featured texture mirror sheepskin as a help surface, elegant luster against the skin, revealing a light breath. Pointed with three-dimensional bow as a decoration, interpretation of the fashion trend of light and natural appearance. Retro style and avant-garde combination of the details of the rivets, making the two styles both conflict and harmonious integration together, so that both shoes tough and tenderness on both sides of the personality, very attractive with shallow design with summer-style hue, Full of coolness. The standard small pointed to make the whole pair of shoes have an elegant feminine. Comfortable low-heeled design, more suitable for walking. In order to both aesthetic, especially the design of the same color of the cross strap, not particularly exaggerated, but just right elegant