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Canvas shoes how to match the more dirty the more fashionable canvas shoes

Dirty canvas shoes street shoot, whether Converse or Vans, their classic canvas shoes are always fashion circle of ivy, all year round can be seen in the street shooting their shadow. The past two years, is more and more fashionable coffee nike shoes for sale lazy or more and more poor? Their feet canvas shoes more and more dirty! And this cheap nikes "beggar wind" also instantly swept the entire fashion circle Oh, let's see Look. Each girl's shoe must be a pair of young casual canvas shoes, comfortable and light and wild, nike clearance so that every girl love it. Wearing a long canvas shoes, you still want nike air max women to let it refurbish that you out, and now fashionable who have the idea to try to make their feet canvas shoes look older and more dirty in recent years, This kind of "beggars wind" canvas shoes more and more fashionable, let us look at how to match with good! Summer canvas shoes the highest rate of appearance, it is breathable and comes with a young simple casual style, and summer T-shirt with Have to complement each other, the style close to the girl street children. And dirty and old canvas shoes style to the body LOOK injected a little rebellious feeling of free and easy, but also the taste of fashion! In the fashion circle, the shirt is not just exclusive to the workplace women, it can be handsome, Mix and match a pair of dirty and old canvas shoes, keep the shirt of the capable but broke the shirt of the serious and formal sense, simple tone into the lazy "beggar taste."

Suit mixed with canvas shoes, so that a serious suit with a street casual fashion, with a pair of dirty and old canvas shoes, it seems that the two out of tune, but it has an unexpected taste of fashion. Small hit color of the sweater to create a visual impact, secretly attract the eye at the same time, the feet of the old canvas shoes is the body of the bright spot! Dirty canvas shoes with full of temperament coat, at first glance seems to be able to pull the whole style of canvas shoes, it is not the case, it is the addition of canvas shoes, so that your body LOOK more distinctive street fashion.