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Children's shoes can not be more than 3 pairs? Cause people suddenly realized!

Material rich in the era, we can provide the choice of children more and more: count of toys, wear clothes, endless food ... ... but the child's happiness and happiness, because the choice of more and more happy ? In fact, the child is not greedy, and when the choice of more time, the child will be able to get 100% of these choices from the happy. For example, when the swing, the child may be thinking, "wait for me to play slides." Playing the slide when you see the seesaw, and playing the seesaw idea. Finally, to see someone to play the swing, the child suddenly remembered the swing of the good: "I do not play seesaw, and I want to swing!" Many choices, scattered the child's attention, so that his happiness was Discounted, happiness was reduced. Choose more, but also bring a disadvantage, that is, the child's focus will be lower. We often thought that the more children to provide the material, the child will be more happy, the actual is often the opposite! Too much choice, but will let the children in front of the choice of chaos in the inch, do not know what they like, get more do not know how to cherish.

Want to increase cheap nike sneakers the child's happiness, the best is the mother's companions, the appropriate time to accompany the children to play more nike running shoes than toys make them feel happy, especially in the summer, a three to swim, both to help children exercise, but also Enhance the feelings between children and their parents, is really a two-pronged it? But many mothers want nike free 5.0 to cheap in the roadside shop to the children to buy a swim ring, due to poor quality materials, accidentally will cause the child skin discomfort. This portable children's swimming ring made of high-quality materials, soft and comfortable no smell, to nike air max the baby more secure protection, lovely shape, whether boys or girls are very fond of, quality brand to the quality of protection of parents, is numerous Mother's first choice Bao mother that should be five. The reason is that when the toys less than 5, the child may appear inferiority complex; but if the number of more than 5, the child is prone to distraction, but also limit their creativity. There are not many toys, children in the range of choice, focus on their favorite toys, repeated research, pondering, thinking, to create a variety of new games are played, then the value of toys can be maximized use.

Bounce, lively and cheerful is the nature of each child, so a pair of sneakers can not be less, in the summer, a pair of suitable for the baby's shoes pay attention to comfortable and breathable, Mickey cloth pocket this mesh to write this to do this, high-quality Screen suction sweat breathable not hot, scientific air cushion soles design, can effectively protect the small feet and correct the child's walking posture, rubber sole is very light, in the movement to the child comfortable feeling.

In addition to sports, in the summer have to mention is a small sandals, cool and breathable shoes, whether it is going outing or going to the beach to play are very good choice, this wooden sandals made of space leather, texture Comfortable and lightweight, Oxford shoes soft wear, human Baotou design can effectively prevent the child stumbled to bring the damage is a really can protect the child's good shoes.