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Do not blame your legs short! Obviously you do not know the high routines

Tall boys in the end should be how to wear? Although the height is born, but does not mean that there is no way to wear a short type of yo. Choose a suitable clothing single product, you can easily stretch the height ratio, so you instantly change male. With the "increase the weapon," said the nine pants can be said to be the first choice for men. Whether directly to wear pants, or the pants folded, can be said that the current popular approach to wear. Gray coat is also a little taste of home, but also specially designed in the chest a yellow smile, really is to see people will smile Oh, the appropriate incredible. Many pants type, although nine pants shape are not too bad, but has been loved by everyone. nike air max Its advantage is that you can easily pull the length of the legs and length, so that the overall body type more beautiful. Choose T-shirt + denim nine pants to wear the law, is the common men wear it

Thin section of the jacket or can be prepared in the spring, so to deal with sooner or later temperature cheap nike shoes difference is necessary. Camouflage green best to brighten your skin color, and wear people to look at the spirit of the. Perhaps you are white, or skin black, do not matter. Choose this black and white splicing color can be. Put on your sunglasses and hats, you can immediately go to the beach to play, simple is your favorite. Summer in addition to T-shirts, shirt appearance rate is also high, choose shirt + leisure pants, so you enjoy a second high pleasure. Youth young man always have some tips, if you start such a short T, as if two fake, it is people can feel you are cheap nikes really with the heart, more dress nike factory store plus points. Like lazy shoes but a bit like shoes, after all, are pu material, thin soles let you wear comfortable. Gradient multi-color for everyone to choose, there is always a suitable for their own.