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Do not wear tool boots after ten years!

In winter, there seems to be only one requirement for boys to wear, which is "warmth". Most boys do not pay much attention to the demands of wearing outfit. If you say that there is such a single product, wear it stylish and warm, you will not be excited? This single product is "tooling boots", in fact, it has become the most essential items for boys in winter, not only boys, more and more girls will choose it because it is really real and very good looking. Speaking of tooling boots, was first worn by laborers and later Army soldiers during the Great Western Development. As heavy physical work wear, so the durability of the boots has a very high demand. Not long after, such simple and durable boots became rebellious youth favorite single product, almost a pair of feet, for the last century, the bald party of the 70s black and white nikes nike store and 70s, nikes on sale rough and heavy tooling boots pass Provocative and aggressive means, kobe shoes put it on, they will be able to covet the upper class and mainstream culture.

The reason why tooling boots so durable, the reason is that high-quality cortex selection. Currently mainly divided into three leather shoes, respectively, tanning oil, oil wax skin and turn the fur. For boots, it is not difficult to match, the safest way to wear is to wear jeans, fit the jeans into the boots, tough and handsome feeling must be that everyone can not resist. Or simply leather pants with leather boots, a little ruffian handsome sense of uninhibited fashion arises spontaneously. In addition to jeans, overalls and tooling boots is naturally very take, so wear more young, if you feel too boring jeans, you can choose uniforms, look a little loose design surges.