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Do you want to be tall? As long as a pair of it is enough!

How about the summer, the little fairies are the big change in the closet, right? Is it fancy to see this dress want to buy, that shirt Wow also feel good to see? But stopped and stopped! Bought so many nice clothes, you really have the right shoes to match it? Do air max not tell me you are still wearing a small white shoes of the eighties! See it at first glance, you will be the whole young girl heart burst! what! How so nice? Not only good-looking, in the pursuit of high quality and comfortable now, Wei feet fine high-heeled has lost its charm friends, retro side heel shoes are quietly into each fashionable little fairy's shoe ~ whether it is sandals Or shoes or boots, side with the elements more and more by the designers welcome! Careful little fairies must have found it? Show field show began to frequent side heels, whether it is with half skirt or dress, side root shoes almost become constant with constant ~

Compared to the thin high-heeled shoes, the root of the shoes more powerful, but also more calm and tired feet. For those who are not used to wear high heels for small fairies, the root is the true love ah! Wearing a little is not tired ~ bright patent leather wearing a super feeling! Completely spike high heels! Although the root of the shoes did not fine high-heel so slender fine heel, but the effect of modified legs is not better than the high heels! Perfect stretch the proportion of the calf ~ nike clearance store with skirt or pants can show retro style ah! Fang Gui shoes retro fashion is simply a rare beauty, especially the classic avant-garde on behalf of Mary Jane shoes, tied with ankle, side with the temperament, ask, who would refuse this? Summer, the little fairies will always nike clearance have a few nine pants, right? You must not know, nine pants and side heel shoes with a word, perfect! So perfect with you really do not hurry in the bag ~ for the little dwarf little fairies, cardamom know you certainly can not do without high heels, but you have tried to side with high heels do! nike running shoes The Not only greatly increased comfort, the degree of fashion also catch the ordinary high heels ah! Completely different from those flirtatious bumper ~ in short, whether it is sharp or square head or round head, whether it is high-heeled low-heeled or not with the side heels, are different, each have their own wonderful where One is your favorite?