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Dress up, in the want to buy what pair of sandals? Want to be here

Every girl want to dress up in the hot summer, then it must pick a pair of sandals, and the nike free run requirements of the sandals, of course, is the legs long, exposed in the summer more skin and had to fight the body of the summer, Choose sandals not only for the overall shape of luster, but also for the body extra points. High-heeled sandals, thick sandals, flat sandals, integrated fashion models and popular models, small nikes on sale master for you finishing this several. Retro style, never out of the fashion industry, whether it is from the clothing, shoes, hats, etc., have been with the retro trend, then have a retro Baotou rough with the sandals, retro art has been the characteristics of the goddess has been grace, slightly square outline Comfortable feet, shoes, leather is very soft, wear very thin feet, with high and comfortable, walking is not tired, cost-effective high, shoe must! Thick and thin sandals with the combination will be more small feet, but also elongated leg lines, both high and no sense of fashion! If you are still chasing a small white shoes, it can not be regarded as a fashion circle of people. Because now, small white shoes have become a past style, look at the fashionable street shooting, they seem to be pedal with a pair of Mary Jane shoes. In particular, Mary Jane with thick sandals, square head design, line sense more prominent, unique small belt buckle nike store playful intellectual, with wide leg pants fit, unlike the shoes as embarrassing. Mary Jane's advantage is wild.

High-heeled, especially for the girls were revealed in the summer regardless of wearing trousers or short skirts, the word with high heels is the most classic wild artifacts, elongated and fashionable, two thin tape to convey the simple With elegance, is the word with the most fascinating place. Simple style of the striped sandals almost any style of the skirt can hold live. And this high-heeled sandals, suede and mirror two, suitable for different girls like the choice of upper material. Some girls like to have flash diamonds shoes, dazzling luxury; then there are two styles of diamonds designed to rough with sandals, sparkling rhinestones, light luxury, make you confident, I was the focus, like it Can make you beautiful. Like the high-heeled girl to see over, this with a high height of 10cm with high-heeled sandals, gray space-based color, so you have a noble feeling, especially Baotou design, not only Let you wear comfortable, but also to prevent the risk of high-heeled Wei feet, so you no longer on the high heel and fear. Summer dress up, just pick this sandals, so that you show the legs long, showing the body, all to show you, so you want to reveal on the exposed, tailored for your overall shape, this summer BUY this paragraph cool