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Flat sandals, give you a steady happiness

What is happiness, sunny streets full of the morning, about three or nike store five friends, with a pair of flat sandals attitude, the release of nowhere to spend extravagance, and then, to find a secluded shop, sit down and drink a few cups of coffee, tell each other The fairy tale of the rice and oil, until the night falls ... ... this scene, really should be a song, "I want a firm happiness, this is what I want happiness!" Into the summer, all airtight shoes are Can not escape the fate of the bottom of the box, no way, hot ah. Therefore, the sandals came into being, and highly sought after, can be considered a matter of reason. Especially the colorful models, not only breathable, but also contracted the role of white feet, simply. And orange-flavored skin to bring their own different functions, wine is not only to mention the red color, and temperament. As we all know, women such as wine, the more mature the more mellow, and the combination of red, high-profile reveals a luxury, but yet elegant to do school, worth having. Needless to say, beige sandals are the best selling of all sandals. Originally flat design has been very picky, tall and nike discount store nike factory outlet young and old can, the color is also surprisingly wild, there is a kind of do not give the same way to live, that know how to live a woman can not miss.

If the feet slightly fat, then do not consider the light-colored, and strong twist of the melon is not sweet. Black nike clearance one hand buckle handmade sandals is also good, very tailor foot type, you can try, the quality is not emphasized, and see the kind of convincing, the key is, foot super good, who knows who knows. And choose the same pattern of clothes, the choice of shoes also have a fixed process, we must first consider is not suitable for their own, followed by some of the factors that are not considered, so as to ensure foolproof. Bohemian wind sandwich sandals, suitable for coastal travel daily dating, need to enter, do not hesitate, hesitation is regret. Of course, some shoes, at first glance is very common, and no special desire to enter, over time will be pleasing to the eye, love the feet. This is the love of love at first sight and the difference between the time, obviously, leather flat sandals belong to the latter, there is no gorgeous appearance, but it has a solid inner. Whether it is captured by the appearance or be attracted to the inside, can not ignore the characteristics of the shoes themselves. Even if ordinary, such as flat sandals, have to have their own personality, otherwise there is no meaning. Package with the flat sandals is very unique, the pursuit of different can be restless up.