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High heels so pick up not tired! Actually bought for many years!

Women wear high heels when the walking posture is more able to make them rich "feminine", so women wear high heels asked boys to help, to a large extent will be successful Oh! How to choose a nike clearance store pair of suitable high heels? Pick the heel is the most important! On the rough under the fine, this shape should be the most common with the high-heeled. Belong to a pile of shoes at first glance can not see, the second eye will not see, but this kind of heel good to walk. With about 5CM about the side with the side. This kind of heel shoes generally gives the feeling of retro, and only 5CM height with the heel is relatively thick, walking how long is not afraid of it! Simple skirt small skirt, high waist version of the type, the predecessor of a zipper, metal ring pull the head, upper body is very gas field; skirt body clamshell pockets, highlight the design sense, yet clean and neat temperament!

Thin cat heels, but also junior students can hold one of the types of high heels, about 10cm higher than the high-key, but there is no lack of wearing a little girl elegant charm. Is the temperament of the shirt, the most special is the neckline design, upper body super nice collar suit design, loose straight is not limited to the body, lantern sleeve closed mouth treatment, a little lovely and playful white shirt! Slip heel is no doubt that the best high heels inside the walk, thick waterproof platform, so you do not have pressure on rain, not afraid of wet feet. Summer simple T-skirt, side open fork version of the type, small round neck, small loose Slim was thin, classic black good-looking and good ride, sexy in the slightest lazy with the nature, belt and then tie the ribbon or belt are full of fashion sense. Fine high-heeled, is also the most common with the type. With more than 5CM, diameter 1CM or less. Many people say that this shoe can not be used to walk ah. Yes, this kind of shoe really can not be used nike air max to walk because it itself is not to take a lot of occasions to participate in the occasion to wear, such as banquet. Imitation linen nike air max knitted cardigan, especially for the late summer and early spring, there is no problem in spring, wearing three seasons to do with the style; fabric upper body comfortable and breathable, simple rib design, easy to clean, not deformation,