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High heels to save money and practical maintenance methods, you know how much

Girls are love shoes crazy family, and some pairs of high heels are almost a month's wages, but such expensive shoes, have to spend a lot of money to maintain, feel bad, then the following several money and practical method You can try, small girl look over Oh! A change of course Leather is flexible, under the hot sun, high temperature and sweat will make it become loose, only after a certain period of sleep, in cheap nike shoes order to fully dry. There are new shoes in the leather are flexible, under the hot sun, high temperature and sweat will make it loose, only after a certain period of sleep, to fully dry. There are new shoes are usually stuffed with waste paper, and with the support stick to withstand the toe and heel, these seemingly useless "rubbish", you still do not lose as well, in the "dormant period", you can put them back Into the shoes, to help the shoes back to the original last type, so that the next dress more comfortable.

If your high heels are wet, you should dry the part of the moisture with a soft cloth or paper towel as soon as possible and wipe off the mud on the surface. If there is a large mud attached, you can use a small knife back to scratch it, and then a little dipped cotton cloth wipe traces. Polishing, the frequency of oil should not be too high. In addition to the same color maintenance oil, in fact, some daily food also has leather maintenance function. If there is a crack on the surface of the shoe, you can use some candle powder filled into the pattern, and iron iron, and then rub the same color shoe polish. However, because the temperature is difficult to grasp, it is recommended that you still ask the professionals to help better. Wearing glasses of pro-glasses cloth should be crashed everywhere, glasses cloth is generally more delicate and soft, used to rub shoes will not scratch the surface of the skin, is a very good choice. Save the season, the shoes thoroughly maintenance again, on the dry and cool place to save, it is best to support the shoes up to keep the shoes are not deformed, maintenance time, must be completely clean the oil and then clean, Storage time is relatively long, even if the shoe brace will produce a certain degree of deformation, so it is best to season shoes, every two to two months out at home to wear 5-10 minutes, so you can Effectively prevent shoes deformation. Soft pig skin breathable comfort, excellent quality, personalized snake skin pattern showing a bold avant-garde fashion. Sheepskin insoles dry breathable, creating a comfortable wearing space, set off your elegant posture. Personality contours of the form of generous, snake skin cheap nike shoes pattern with metal color increasingly atmospheric trend. Elegant fine with a high degree of moderate, smooth full of tone, shaping the beauty of women slim.

Elegant mesh has a fine ventilation holes, soft texture, delicate patterns make shoes full of feminine, sexy and refined. Sheepskin insoles touch smooth and delicate, soft texture skin, perspiration is good, so that my feet continue to dry. Pointed design to make your feet look more agile charm, modeling sexy, showing the temptation of women not the same. Jiaoqiao with shape, a smooth height, wearing comfortable uncomfortable feet, fashion and practical. Delicate sheep anti-texture soft, suede touch comfortable skin, calm color highlights the leather texture, generous temperament. Elegant bow, Smart modeling can always overflow the vitality of youth, sweet contains elegant women's gentle and restrained. Delighted elegance pointed design, lines crisp, outline the feminine but capable nike shoes men of inner charm. Graceful with the shape, feminine, simple and generous female elegant charm of his right, people eyes hang around. No matter how the changes in the years, the classic is always classic, streamlined last type from the first layer of sheepskin material, triangular glass with full of women elegant temperament. Uppers shallow arc design, so that the foot is more elegant, inside is mixed with sheepskin material, feel comfortable and natural, excellent ventilation, gentle care of your feet.

At first glance the feeling of the past is full of shiny quality, full of ability, and its classic shape for women in the modern city of random conversion, whether it is to work or go out it can match you The temperament. Plus made by the quality of sheepskin inside the inside, moisture permeability for the feet to bring a soft experience, shoes, there are three different colors to choose from, with a different height cheap nike air max and color to deal with fashion modeling. It gives the first impression is full of shiny texture, put it in the sun's mapping can be described as full of ability, whether it is to work or out of the street it can be an excellent show of your own temperament. Inside by the quality of sheepskin made of moisture and breathable and comfortable soft waxy, for the feet to bring a soft experience, three different colors to choose, each can reflect the elegant feeling. Simple commuter high heels, simple and smooth lines outline the beautiful arc, highlight the urban women graceful posture. Chic pointed with comfortable high heel, walking in the blooming elegant feminine. Uppers with high quality sheepskin, comfortable and breathable, comfortable touch, care of your feet. Seiko secret agents of the shoe-making process, just right with the high, comfortable wearing experience. Simple classic styling design is not complicated fancy embellishment, after exquisite craft design shoes in the classic exudes a fashionable light. Pointed design so that the shoes look slender and refined, coupled with the use of high-quality selection of hungry leather material made of comfort is also excellent, high-heeled design pulled the body line modified legs, highlighting the elegance of women sexy temperament The