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High heels wearing tired, why lebron james shoes not choose flat shoes?

Still wearing very heavy heels? That you really out, why Xiaobian how to say it? Because, recently looked at a very funny straight male vision test, haha, which got a few male gods, and then asked them what they like how to dress up the girl, Oh, never imagined, the boys are like to wear flat Shoes girl, girl, are not you surprised? Those who love to wear high heels sister, do not blame the gods who, in fact, Xiaobian I am also very desperate, but you thought no, in fact, the gods are afraid of your feet hurt, why Xiaobian So that, because I do not like me to wear high-heeled shoes, he always afraid I wear tired, and afraid of my Wei feet cheap nike sneakers Well, you do not say, in fact, we wear flat shoes is also very trendy! Then the problem came, there are a lot of sister feel that nike shoes men wearing flat shoes is no gas field, and, with skirt, are special soil, it is not true, you look at the pattern of wearing, is not super female temperament The So, Xiao Bian can only say that you will not wear it, or else how can we say that flat shoes is soil?

?Nearly two years of hot "small white shoes" believe that my sister did not discount nike shoes feel strange, but why do women love to wear small white shoes? Its wild style, casually how to wear, are super feel, but you think that flat shoes only small white shoes? NONONO, in fact, there are many styles of flat shoes Oh! Dress fashion and taste you, the foot of the fashion have noticed it? In fact, when looking at a person's dress will always start from the feet, so the sister who are on the United States and the United States shoes it? Haha, in fact, Xiao Bian feel "pointed shoes" is very good, sexy pointed design, from the inside and outside the elegant taste of your exudes ~ for the fashionable female devil, wearing the old clothes, Is a waste of youth Well, so, Xiao Bian feel a pair of "pointed shoes" is necessary Oh!