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How to clean dirty shoes how to do

Frosted leather is also a common leather shoes, a material that is characterized by a rough surface, but very texture, matte leather nikes on sale is not as good nike clearance as normal smooth leather care, how to wash and care of sandals it? Do not directly into the water to clean, take a small amount of water with a brush gently brush, you can also use deerskin powder smear cleaning. Determine the nubuck leather upper is not a real animal fur. Generally cowhide or sheepskin noodles. Drip in water with a brush to remove surface dust. This process will fade, so pay attention to nike sneakers even clean with water. After the natural dry, the vamp will be harder, do not knead. With deerskin powder (a few dollars a bottle, according to the color of the shoes to buy) wipe the upper, apply evenly. Use a small brush like a toothbrush to apply the deerskin powder to the upper. In the process should pay attention to the following to pad a newspaper and the like, deerskin powder fell to the floor, hard to clean the carpet.

Place in a cool sheltered place for some time, and then according to the usual wearing habits, gently kneading the upper. Or wear your shoes, walk for some time, and then take off to place. Note: Must be so good shoes completely dry, smear mop powder, but also only thoroughly dry before they can put on walking. In the process of drying, it is best to all black nike shoes use a good newspaper and so on to hold up the shoes, to prevent damp shoe upper shape. Digression: If you want to become smooth suede, you can use expired cosmetic emulsion (a little better, that's great treasure do not use) evenly vamp, vamp eat until the emulsion, then dry with a soft cloth Wipe, and then evenly polish the shoe polish, nubuck leather uppers, it will turn into glossy. Available shampoo soak contaminated, and then diluted with white vinegar, dipped in a solution with a brush gently scrub, dirt can be removed. Soak the stain with a cloth soaked alcohol can be removed. Soak the stains with cold water, apply some toothpaste, rub gently with a small amount of soap, if traces, then wipe with alcohol. The milk boil, a towel under the clothes, with a ball of cotton dipped in hot milk smear oil trace, until the traces disappear. First scrub with gasoline and then detergent (not available hot blisters) Oil stains on the skin can be used to remove carbon tetrachloride solution. This kind of thing can be toxic and particularly volatile, and in case of fire burning the danger of large, generally not easy to find. Alcohol or a high degree of liquor, detergent cleansing are very effective, these three things to do oil stains clean and safe and easy to find.