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How to maintain shoes shoes dirty how to do

The maintenance of the canvas shoes should have nike shoes for sale never been done, and the shoes are like shoes or newspapers to keep the shoes. To the upper cover a layer of protective film to maintain its beauty. Canvas shoes to wear, it is best placed in a ventilated place, so that the shoes have enough time to dry. Shoes on the nylon mesh cloth and artificial tanning is relatively easy to maintain, you can wash with water, but it is best not to use washing machines or soaked cleaning. In order to extend the life of canvas shoes, wash as little as possible. And then wear the shoes can not afford to wear every day, the shoes themselves need to rest. Separate shoes and shoelaces nike shoes with neutral soap or detergent. Remove the insole when washing shoes, gently brush with a soft brush, and finally rinse. Place the toe toes down on the ventilated place. When the shoes are dry, the use nike discount store of shoes will help the shoes to restore the original shape or the newspaper stuffed in the shoes. Newspapers not only help the shoes to restore the prototype, but also quickly absorb the moisture in the shoes. The soles down the soles of the feet to the wall, at room temperature ventilation at the dry, so to nike store prevent the water into the bottom of the foam material. (Because the foam material is not easy to dry, so it is recommended not to wet shoes flat.) After the shoes dry out the newspaper, let the shoes dry for a while. Excessive direct sunlight, hair dryer heat and improper care methods will have to reduce the life of the shoes.

Remove the insole, put the shoes in a ventilated place, easy to heat the shoes, restore the status quo. Choose neutral detergent powder, placed in a ventilated and dry place to dry, to avoid direct sunlight, sunshine for a long time will make the upper disc color or damage the upper tissue, shorten the service life. Try to avoid squeezing, so that the shoes to maintain the original state. If you do not use it for a long time, wash it dry and store it in a dry place after wrapping it with paper. Avoid high temperature baking. Buy shoes, or shoes easily deformed and hurt the foot. Regularly clean the shoes, wipe with a damp cloth Do not brush with a brush. Shoes if damp, fortress newspaper to maintain the appearance of shoes, and let the shoes naturally dry, to avoid direct sunlight or high temperature baking. Shoes should avoid contact with solvents, acids, alkalis, oil and other corrosive substances. Maintain more than two pairs of shoes can be replaced, so that shoes take turns to rest. Canvas shoes should not do intense exercise. In order to allow canvas shoes to wear more durable must do a good job canvas shoes maintenance Austrian