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Influx of people who love the velvet shoes, you sure do not come to a double?

Women's shoes are always missing so a pair of shoes, shoes on a woman, like the leaves of the flowers. The current influx of people love velvet shoes, delicate and delicate velvet fabric carefully tailored, comfortable and breathable, and has a touch of retro feeling. Put on like a beautiful artwork, shine brilliantly at your feet. In recent years, set the elegance and leisure in one of the Mule shoes, very popular Street nike air max sale beat people and star favorite Dagai. Muller shoes unique shoes, a pedal design easy to wear off. Velvet cut gloss prominent, bringing a bright fresh feeling. Wear jeans with stylish off the streets full of vanity. Wear a very ladylike dress with the wind Oh. Sexy and stylish toe design, using European and American smooth lines. Heel and rabbit fur decoration to wear more warm, fine production, simple, atmospheric, design style makes people put it down. Stylish pointed design, wear more slim legs. Velvet cut the upper shiny luster. Vignette retro bee decoration gives the shoes a distinctive vitality, comfortable rabbit insole winter wear more warmth.

Comfortable round head wear a non-grinding foot, soft and comfortable inside the rabbit hair design, sweat wet, wear more warm, upper with studs to give shoes fashion three-dimensional sense of design is very strong. A pedal flat design easy to wear off. Small square shoes design is very stylish fashion sense, full of personality. Upholstery metal stripes, so that shoes look more layered. Flat heel design easy to wear off, so no burden on the feet. Are you popular with the tip shoes this year? Did not have a look with Xiaobian it. Velvet fabric cut pointed shoes comfortable, hygroscopic, giving a retro sense of elegance. Put on the visual feet to become slender, showing a noble and sexy gesture. Let the whole person a little more temperament. Fashion tip plus fine design with elegant elves, wearing a tall feminine. Simple neat lines, the interpretation of fashion temperament little woman. With OL suit to wear full of confident, mature femininity.

Stylish pointed shoes design, put on to make slender feet, exposing the beautiful duration of the instep. 8cm thick with rhinestones inlaid mosaic, rich refractive surface, bloom brilliant luster, highlighting the noble temperament to wear. Personalized pointed design put nike free run on feminine. Detachable shoes design, so that wearing a more secure, do nike store not appear walking shoes out of the embarrassment. 8cm thick with the design to wear more slender feet. Sexy pointy shoes to nike shoes men add a smart atmosphere, simple and wild, shoe design can prevent walking with falling, neat style, flat heels designed to make it more comfortable to wear, it is easy to match.