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Is indeed the darling of the streets, the original we all wear this fashionable sandals

There is always a pair of sandals, so you especially thought about black and white nikes the summer. To abandon the risk of high-heeled shoes and difficult to control, there is no footwear and footwear and sultry, sandals is simply the coolest summer, the most fashionable a landscape, so that your foot wind, easy to get out of the same fashion Fan children The To say why flat sandals can become the hearts of the girls good, become a summer shoe in the presence of thunder Have to mention, of course, its changing shape and good to wear, resistant to the function of it! The most important thing is flat sandals really super! level! hundred! take! Whether it is neutral wind pants, or sweet temperament skirt, it is the best partner, at the same time, but also a good show legs fine Oh! Sandwiched sandals is definitely the summer street runaway favorite, it is cool and comfortable, completely feet from the heavy, sultry shoes rescued, and the design of the foot full of fashion. In addition, the line smooth fluffy part of the smooth, full, sophisticated car line technology so that every detail of the shoes are polished to the ultimate perfect. Summer to a pair of such sandwich sandals, is also quite good choice yo! Black, always wild color, which also destined to this sandals wild personality, classic black models, with what color of the clothes are so much for you. Velcro design, more convenient sister who usually wear off, is nike outlet store absolutely lazy sister's love. Of course, the loose soles of the soles can play a very good role, small girls are absolutely not to be missed.

?This is a pair of seemingly simple flat sandals. Refreshing lines, do not publicity, not complicated, but MM will be a pair of beautiful show undoubtedly. To abandon those dazzling elements, with the simplest way to interpret the fashion, show personality, which may be fashion should be some attitude. So a pair of good shoes, wild naturally mention, and wear off the convenience, access to various occasions, can easily with no pressure! This pair of shoes have a lovely name is called cherry shoes, as the name implies, this pair of sandals nike running shoes nike shoes flash is the cherry on the shoes decorated, delicate and charming to the big cherry, realistic, bright colors quickly become the focus of vision, look at It is not open eyes Moreover, the funny cherry decoration for the shoes to add a little playful and cute, full of girls feel Meng point full. In addition, the whole section of shoes smooth lines, wearing up, high comfort.