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Learn this 5 points, cleverly distinguished boots leather quality!

Cold winter is approaching, people have put on a thick coat, many girls love to buy boots, a variety of boots on the market an array of so many kinds of boots, how to identify the boots are leather? Learn these points, easy and simple. Leather boots are usually more expensive than leather boots, leather, good quality, so the price is also nike shox clearance slightly more expensive, but expensive expensive truths, leather boots more durable, put on a better look. Brand-name boots generally have higher credibility, after all, some brands are well-known, so the quality is guaranteed. Big brand boots more trustworthy. Because of the high cost of the leather, so in the production are the pursuit of the most recent tide of style, discount nike shoes so the style design, are generally very elegant, keeping up with the pace of the times, such boots will not be nike free run out. In general, the leather boots are more sophisticated workmanship, leather material generally soft and comfortable, without any smell, the average color and uniform leather, boots shiny and flexible, no bad smell, workmanship and alignment are very neat. Leather boots feel delicate, sticky, and wear a long time, there will be no deep texture, lightweight texture, comfortable to wear, whether long boots or short boots are very shiny, giving a Very high-end nike free 5.0 feeling, no sense of cheapness. Winter comes, the boots of a wide range of styles, but the choice of a pair of high-quality boots not only warm, but also wear a face, because the selection of boots must pay attention to quality, the choice of leather will give people a better dress Oh Here are several pairs of high quality Momoy boots Amway, we may personally send warm to the feet of her mother!

Boots made from the first layer of leather, the whole wool to wear soft and comfortable inside, rough and not tired feet, round shoes, generous classic, gestures show feminine elegance and temperament, the weather was cold, to mom store a pair , Let mom's feet no longer cold. Short boots are two kinds of heel and high heels, wool is not only warm inside and wearing health care, waterproof Taiwan's design to wear not tired, beautiful butterfly bow side design, so that mothers walk in the fashion edge. High-quality first layer of leather wear resistance and tensile resistance are very good. Boots are made of high-quality one-piece wool inside, soft and comfortable, breathable and moisture absorption tide function particularly like the side of the zipper design easy to wear and tear off, the classic round head looks stylish and attractive, the first layer of leather highlight the noble quality of metal Zipper embellished with a cool feeling.