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Lok Fu shoes with what clothes so take the girls can also handsome no friends

The streets of small white shoes have long been tired of nike shoes for sale looking friends, it is time for a pair of Le Fu shoes to play playing friends. What is the beauty of the shoes? Lok Fu shoes with what clothes? Tassel music blessing shoes with how to look at the following fashion how people know how to wear friends. Lok Fu shoes, the English name Loafer, the original meaning is an idle way of life, is based on Moccasins (North American Indian wear deer leather shoes) developed leisure men's shoes. After the Spell and other actresses in the ride gradually appear and popular, only to make this black and white nikes pair of handsome and ruffian shoes gradually into the female field of vision. Seconds off wear off, modeling Variety, this pair of idle casual arbitrary and highly fashionable sense of music shoes to become a classic. Although the fashionable elements are always evolving and replacing, but the music shoes always follow the trendy and trendy, nike running shoes no matter how the trend changes, it can always be the forefront of fashion standing, one of the more classic style, including the following several. Whether it is with leather or suede, always exudes a classical and gentleman's temperament, even with a simple pair of jeans shirt, can be concave retro fashion means. In the nineteen to sixties of the nineteenth century, this blessing shoe with a cut-and-fold decorative belt was very popular with the students, and the incision was just enough to put down a penny (coin) and was very practical at the time. Although today we do not need this feature, but this classic style is still handed down to become a classic.

Tassel element into the music blessing shoes add a lively and uninhibited feeling, a little cute little cute, publicity with the girl's romantic mind is not significantly exaggerated, it is suitable for shirt jeans such daily leisure with. To be handsome and neat, the most popular must be pointed Lovel shoes, neat simple V-shaped, so that the feet line slender and nice. Tell true, happy shoes with a variety of pants really super feel ~ ~ For example, we often cheap nike sneakers with the jeans, with a small white shoes always feel too popular, no features. And with a pair of Lok Fu shoes, women can also be neutral to wear handsome no friends. Skirt though the United States, poor control is always too sweet feeling, a street fluttering dress, it is easy to become a passerby. It is better to choose a pair of classic and fashionable Carrefour shoes, whether it is skirt skirt dress, all not afraid.