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Look here, boys first pair of shoes how to choose?

Many men are enthusiastic about the shoes like girls like cosmetics, especially the style of shoes, men will pay more attention to this, whether it is spring or autumn and winter, their shoe will be prepared for each season shoes The But faced with good and cheap nike sneakers bad shoes styles and brands, many young boys are difficult to single on the one hand to determine the quality of this pair of shoes. However, there are some skills to buy shoes for reference, although not fully determine the quality of this pair of shoes how, but the basic good or bad or able to judge. First put aside the overall leather raw materials and style do not say, we first look at the details from the shoes began to observe. A pair of exquisite workmanship shoes style, we look at its suture is uniform and neat, the details of the place whether there are inexplicable pinhole. Because the general cortical material in the sewing is not allowed to go wrong, otherwise it will leave a mark on the fabric. In addition to pay attention to suture needle code is uniform, but also pay attention to whether the two shoes are completely symmetrical. You can put nike shox clearance the toes toward yourself, flat on the counter, see the soles of the forefoot with the counter contact point is in the forefoot of the center position. If there is deviation, wearing prone to side of the foot side, resulting in deformation of the shoe body.

Leather uppers are generally divided into two kinds of glossy leather and matte leather. General good quality smooth shoes, upper uniform thickness, smooth and meticulous, no wrinkles and scars, and brightness, color are very uniform. The general color will be very bright, there is no light and shades of the phenomenon. Press the skin with your fingers, the wrinkles appear even small, let go of the fingers, the fine lines immediately disappear. General matte leather shoes, you can feel through the hand mold is soft and smooth, full of flexibility, but also the thickness of the leather evenly moderate. Especially the quality of the suede leather shoes, the surface fluffy soft uniform, not too thick long fiber and oil stains, touch the same feeling and smooth leather shoes, general animal leather shoes to wear 2 to 3 years will not appear off the skin of. For young boys, the first pair of shoes style do not choose too serious style. Too strict formal style shoes, young boys is difficult to hold up the discount nike shoes pair of shoes gas field, forced choice will only make the overall sense of shape has become blunt and embarrassing. Especially pointed leather shoes style, we must carefully choose, if non-specific occasions. You can choose to take a little Bullock carved leather shoes style, through their own fashionable gas field exquisite Brooke carved lines, the shoes are too serious gas field weakened.

Straight line sewing stitch, combined with suede leather material, showing a high quality sewing shoes. Comes with American style outdoor sports shoes, not only in outdoor occasions, daily life, used to match the jeans is also very good with. Smooth shoes style and comfortable and smooth sewing lines, can withstand the test and the details of the test. Clear craft alignment and soft and comfortable leather material with a combination of comfortable feet on the type. Two kinds of shoes, four kinds of shoes, the choice, so that men have more choices. Slightly introverted style of shoes, with a gentle suede holding in the shoe body, and slender shoe last version of the combination, people wearing the feet will not feel oppressed. At the same time Derby shoes style, but also show a very high English gentleman Fan, with jeans and casual pants are not a problem. Not like sharp leather shoes so sharp and serious, simple solid color leather shoes style and delicate blake carving process with, and instantly let the shoes out of the monotonous wear temperament, it is suitable for young men wearing.