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New canvas shoes to buy heels, these four strokes you have to cheap nikes try

Canvas shoes as a spokesman for youth, has been in the apparel industry has a pivotal position. Meimei canvas can be described as hate and love, both love it youth convenient, and hate it grinding foot serious, can not bear the pain. Xiaobian today to teach you how to do, in order to solve the problem of canvas shoes grinding feet. Stickers can be posted. Band-Aid is relatively stupid, but relatively simple and convenient way, of course, easy to fall off, or will hurt, can not fundamentally solve the problem. With blisters. Canvas shoes just bought back when there will be a layer of glue, with the blisters put this layer of glue to wash down, will make the upper softening. Prepare the white wine, where the grinding feet with a white wine to wipe a few minutes, or soak for a few minutes, and soon softened friends. With white vinegar. In fact, the principle of white vinegar and liquor, but look at your daily which is more convenient, but also on the water bubble can solve the problem of shoes grinding feet Oh.

Knock like a small single shoes, with all kinds of clothes can feel the thick Korean wind. This type of canvas shoes in the day is not difficult to find, because the soft and comfortable with the small, with the road will not be tired, but also knock on the wild, so has been loved by everyone, we are like, a little thick with the It was high yo. Small white shoes are really no less than a year of the style, and wild degree of 5 stars. Durable and wild shoes, just let people love hand friends. Lace classic models, very casual style, college wind properly, the focus is wild Whether it is skirt pants or cheap nike sneakers free to wear are very nice, do not know what to wear shoes out when the white shoes this time is your first choice.

Help the face is particularly oh. Matte suede looks very texture, feeling very autumn and winter, lace flat section, the classic is still good to wear it is friends. Shoes on both sides of a five-pointed star, plus points of the design, and instantly become special, and knock on the clothes. Small cloth shoes to wear together nike store always feel a full of little girl full of vitality, fight color toe design of small retro taste, very chic. Comfortable small flat bottom, how long will not be tired, soles are very soft, very comfortable to wear. High-value ladies canvas shoes, hit color stitching, delicate round head, toe full of pottery printing, looks full of youthful atmosphere, flat bottom, you can increase the height, while comfortable and easy to wear, really is the value Single product Unrestrained lazy shoes, with no pressure sense of the flat design and simple and pure black and white, such a new product is too suitable for early autumn wear it! At first glance to see this shoe, the eyes have been moved away, with the nature, art, looks ordinary and not ordinary, a trace of messy, old leather edge, thick lace, everything is full of fresh arts character.