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Once nobody cheap nikes cares, now is hot hot slippers!

Modern wind slippers is simply not too good to see! Gray and black two colors of the collision, simple and stylish, upper and soles with silver rivets as embellishment, while adding a solid while adding a special. And the fairies find the wood! This pair of slippers is shiny Geli Te upper, with a fine flash Oh ~ summer lights out to be able to flash sparkling it! This simple section of the slippers, not outdated, cost-effective! Slippers is very general, the design is different from the usual Oh! The design of the toe is very special, the use of two belts cross to form a air max set of toe mouth, it is very delicate. Intimate needle buckle design, taking into account the different feet of each girl's feet, you can adjust the needle buckle to achieve the most comfortable tightness. Silver is simple and energetic, not too complicated design. Soles have anti-skid design, making the wearing of the comfort is very high.

Slippers and the first version of the type is the same, but the upper replaced by black. Gray upper and black upper have their own beauty. Black seems simple, silver fashion elements more. Soles are also anti-skid design, using a PU low, increased wear resistance. Can be a pair of friends and honey with a pair lebron 14 of it, a black a silver, very good choice! Looks particularly comfortable, velvet material gives the impression that it is very texture. Xiao Bian see the street to wear this style of the girl is still very little Oh, do not be afraid to hit the shoe embarrassment! Three colors can choose, pink that section is very special, very dynamic there are wood!

Summer is to say to the girls who should reveal the lovely toes friends ~ slippers, but fashion with the sex play, stand out from the home of a single product, become the darling of the fashion industry. Good to wear, comfortable, simple, wild, this is the feeling of slippers, with denim shorts or skirts are very appropriate, concave type of essential goods!

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