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Over knee boots, belong to the winter landscape

Over-knee boots have not been very common, but it has its own unique charm, add temperament to women. Long boots design, smooth lines outline, greatly meet the winter also want to wear a skirt of this problem. Want to be a goddess of high cold, then over the knee boots is a good choice. Over the knee boots, stretch fabric, skin care is not off the tube is not tight, good leg closing effect. Fashion decorative lace design, both to play a decorative role, but also play a role in preventing drop off. Sole thick, with the design, increase comfort is not tired. Soft and comfortable rubber cheap nike air max sole, wear non-slip. Made of soft sheepskin and stretch sheepskin nike store stitching, the foot is delicate and comfortable to wear. Drawstring boot design, docile not stack. Soft and comfortable rubber sole, wear non-slip. Pigskin feet, soft and comfortable, good ventilation, not stuffy feet. , Microfiber velvet closely fit legs, legs show elegant curves. nike discount store Non-slip silicone anti-off zone, and the skin delicate paste clothes, greatly increased the friction between the boot and the skin, reducing the possibility of falling out of the tube. Anti-drop tube bow tie, elegant and elegant, tight beam legs.

Soft lambskin, hair feeling rich and rich, smooth and skinny touch, comfortable to wear, more fit the foot. Using velveteen delicate inside, comfortable and warm, more intimate care of your feet, to resist the cold. Practical thick with the design, both comfort and beauty. Toe design, warm and comfortable. Insoles insoles, soft and comfortable, walking is not tired. Toe sheepskin inside, delicate foot, wearing comfortable breathable. Anti-drop tube strap, elegant and elegant, tight beam legs. Suede sheepskin texture, delicate touch, soft wearing sense. Side zipper design, caring and practical, easy to operate. Skin-friendly palm pad, good breathability, soft and durable. In the thick with the design, appropriate increase, walking is not tired. Retro square head design, unique personality, stylish new nike shoes and generous. Fashion straps, not only can shrink boots, but also add a sense of design style. Medium and medium height, walking steady, elegant and lasting. Warm and velvet inside, velvet exquisite skin-friendly, comfortable and warm.