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Put on exquisite breathable sandals, let you have a refreshing fashionable summer

From the summer is getting closer, we have to call the beautiful high heels with companions, it will not live up to nike factory store the beautiful summer scenery. The beauty of the summer from a pair of beautiful shoes, simple with, comfortable feeling, coupled with a beautiful clothes, this summer is perfect, beautiful breathable sandals, show the feet of sexy lines, filling the elegant temperament , Instantly enhance the sense of fashion, so that you change the goddess a second, bid farewell to the same, dare heart, natural, not contrived, for you, is a pair of sandals really meaning. Real handmade shoes, a needle line, a knock is a craftsman hand to complete, pure hand to create, comfortable sexy was thin, beige close to the skin color, was a kind of intellectual feeling, black needless to say, eternal classic color , Sexy thin, was thin pointed, sheep suede vamps, high-end atmosphere, this shoe shoes as a whole is good, whether it is work or lines, are feast for the eyes, that is, you want the thin partner.

Whether you live or work, you are worth a little better for yourself. Look forward to put on her moment, the mood due to harness and rotation jump, thinking comfortable and leisurely. Square head shoes in this year is very popular, more than the tip of the foot, more round than the type, and generous comfortable, lotus root pink first layer of leather done fluorescent treatment, to meet the MM girl heart, while light is more suitable Summer, let you go some of the beauty of the United States. Fashion beautiful beautiful shoes naturally endless, dazzling. This piece of rough shoes did not have to say that was thin was high, the shoes buckle is V mouth design, but also with that little curvature, just can lengthen the instep line, close to the ankle with a word strap buckle design, easier to fix, With the feet, more comfortable, Mary Jane shoes are very high, but also more popular than the small white shoes, worthy of the bag. Known as the summer sandals classic, a word buckle sandals, but never out of date. This fresh and beautiful sandals, square head with ankle-shaped buckle, bring the taste of fashion retro, classic black and elegant beige, put on the feet will suck fine Oh, shoes with high quality leather, Put on the comfort bar stick, let you wear it is not willing to take off, this season, let us trend in the end.

This summer you only need this pair of lace in the heel with a pair of sandals will be able to contract a wardrobe with, who said the word with the goddess with the standard? Foot is not tired is king. The sandals overall sense of the line is very strong, very thin, completely reveal the big taste and texture, leather is a good leather, put on comfort, no matter how far away are not tired feet, buckle is also a high standard to build , Wear durable paint, so that you are comfortable throughout the summer. Shoes fabric is flannel, feeling very soft, feel more smooth, and wearing breathable, neat lines, with the shoe body strap design is still very bright, heel has a hollow design, revealing part of the foot is still very sexy , Rubber material soles, good flexibility and non-slip, shoes side of the imitation wood pattern design, feeling good Oh, soft insoles, shopping violence are ok, no longer have to worry about foot pain friends. People in the rivers and lakes to go, how can not wear shoes, to choose a pair of good shoes, to deal with this evil society. This shoe is delicate design, so that the shoe body is more delicate and compact, simple design so that the shoes look simple but without losing the charm, smooth with the design, even release the foot, let you walk freely, the use of rubber at the end, Soles are raised design, anti-skid effect that is a drop of bits, no longer afraid of falling black nike shoes friends. The wind fluttering in the wanton, the new nike shoes wind in the long legs, was thin significant high legs long, only for the summer to make you more chic. This leather bare color sandals, with the design of the word, whether it is equipped with pants dress, are super wild, nike shop leather material, travel play shopping, about girlfriend about her boyfriend, get a pair, absolutely not tired feet, go Singing to go shopping to go out, are your fashion weapons, you still hesitate what?