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Sharp heel head to the elegant temperament in line

When the beautiful legs are nike shoes close together, there is only four points between the legs, that is, the middle of the thigh, knee, calf and heel. Such a pair of legs formed by both the contact and the gap of the posture, in order to constitute the Hong Leong has a healthy and bright legs of the United States. The tip of the toe to the elegant temperament line, irregular arcs wrapped around the Qiao feet, just right of the embellishment at the same time exudes a quiet feminine, ankle on the gentle tone of the word with the overall appearance of the black Will be dull, but it is eye-catching black and white, coupled with skirt suit, gas field did not lose star models! Than the dull black to come to be bright, and no red and purple like the vulgar publicity, shiny texture also with a point of metallic charm, very lining temperament. And the long legs are still wearing a thin layer of stockings, tenderness and full of elegance and chic, flowing like the pace of with the pace of walking, free and unrestrained exudes feminine. Classic but the cheap nikes pointed package feet out of the noble and elegant range of children, in order to cool summer, the designer in the retention of the pointed at the same time, in the back stitching sandals hollow fashion, so that the feet through breath, fashion sense also increased Many, with skirt pants distributed confident style, to create beautiful scenery on the streets!

Is the noble gorgeous beauty or lovely sweet little princess, hundreds of high heels have thousands of cheap nike air max cheap nike sneakers wonderful presentation, as long as the beauty of the long legs to wear it, instantly blooming thick feminine, active in the streets, More beautiful scenery. Rich colors with a variety of tenderness of the combination of the United States overturned! Full of warm colors, elegant atmosphere, in the sun shine, at the same time with the skin to form a poor color contrast, the skin lining more white at the same time, but also make shoes look very high, full of temptation.