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Shoes take the horizon choose a pair of shoes for their own

?We all know, wearing soles of the feet of the shoes will be more comfortable shoes, like canvas shoes is greatly loved by the simple life camp. But this rule is not applicable at all times. Do not know whether the reader through the canvas shoes through the cobblestone paved path? Is not that the soles of the feet are choked by the pee it, go around, foot pain than done foot massage is also powerful. This time you will not feel the soles of the softer the better. Too thin or soft soles, in the face of this rugged road on the no resistance. Feet to bear the pressure of the stone directly, over time, black nike shoes the soles of the feet will appear sore from the cocoon. So Xiaobian suggested that we do not over-pursuit of soft soles, optimistic about the situation and then make a choice, if you want to face poor road conditions, it is best to wear travel shoes or shoes relatively thick shoes. For shoes lovers, do helpless things like a pair of shoes, but not for their own size. How to do it? Do you want to buy a pair of shoes can not wear their own on the cupboard collection of what? But the shoes are dressed to fully demonstrate its value ah. Some shoes enthusiasts encounter this situation, would rather squeeze a squeeze pressure also wearing shoes out of the street. This can be wronged nike free 5.0 his feet ah. One day down, it is estimated that the toes have long been swollen out of blisters. Xiao Bian recommended the pursuit of fashion you have the best choice for nike store their own size shoes. Do not be wronged in order to covet the beauty of their feet. Try to buy shoes, wear shoes to walk a few more steps to try to find the most fit shoes.

?High heels are MM home essential weapons, but the heel too high heels will make the feet very uncomfortable. So, how to determine the height of a pair of high heels is suitable for their own? Xiaobian introduced a little trick for you. Put on your pair of high heels, stand straight. Let the shoes close to the feet, do not loose. And then try to stand on tiptoe, when you tipto to the highest time, heel or close to the ground rather than follow the heel up to mention, then we can judge: this pair of high heels for you is too high. Run into such a high heels, decisively give up, if you do not want to torture your feet. What kind of height is suitable nike shox clearance for their own? In the tiptoe when the heel with the distance from the ground just in the inch of the height is the best. So high heels do not wear easy to get tired.