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Short boots so fit nike shoes with super-legged short, nike discount store please refuse!

Sure winter basic delicious little fairy have a pair of essential boots, so Xiaobian today to talk about the wear and tear of short boots, oh. Because the boots are the most wild and the most easy bump weapon, but there are always some sister to step on the minefield, so I correct it. Thick bottom will appear short and clumsy, especially wearing a short coat, but should be equipped nike factory store with light shoes, especially the legs of the fairy, absolutely forbid this kind of shoes! Choose a thin base without waterproof platform, eliminate the heavy feeling oh. Occasionally, the upper body is very layered, and the outer jacket looks thick. When the light-colored boots are not suitable, there will be a top-heavy feeling. The light-colored boots should be simplified as much as possible. On the color to try to avoid these two situations, one is in the middle of the light, the other is in the light of the light. Because of these two conditions, a little careless, it will give people a top-heavy or bulky feeling of lower body Oh.

Color fancy, cumbersome patterns Do not pay attention to the length of the skirt and boots take longer than the jacket is not desirable, take too long than the jacket is not desirable. Should choose to take a short jacket within the short, or long skirts and coat length not far, the skirt over the calf, revealing a little ankle perfect! Some tight shoes, choose more dark, cheap nike running shoes multi-choice pick to avoid medium boots, the appropriate election V mouth, V mouth can improve leg type, thin and elongated leg lines. Close to the mouth of the shoe seems to be connected with the legs, there will be no sense of truncation, it seems more harmonious and more leg length.