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Summer wear beautiful, do not ignore the "finishing touch" sandals!

One into the summer, the intersection of high temperature and sweat, people can not afford to cover the clothes are set off to heat, even the feet are the same to put on breathable sandals, so that the feet feel the summer cool breeze. Speaking of sandals, many people may think that only leisure or holiday style of things, in fact, is not the case Oh, sandals can give you both fashionable and comfortable features, so you completely put it down. Girls always want to slender legs more slender, a pair of long legs with a pair of sandals, summer is the most beautiful and most beautiful scenery. Shoes models so much, select several for their own targeted interpretation, you can make you easily fashionable season! The letter with a small half-sandals have a dream to pursue, there is the pursuit of the motive will be motivated. Classic nike shoes fashion small pointed, the first layer of pig skin inside, two different with high, comfortable flat with, Na multi-heeled high heels, whether it is walking in the spring of open flowers in the field, or in the feasting of the metropolis, feet The bow on the nike discount store wrist will dance with your pace! The

The word buckle with thin shoes with a pair of sandals comfortable shoes, increased significantly thin, so you go every step can show elegant woman posture, elegant silver is a fashion wild color, Personality of the gun color, a bohemian color, the absolute high-value color, each one is very suitable. Tie the waist of the arrival of summer shoes, do you like nike store to dress like a princess? Rome sandals with a skirt is the summer out of the necessary dress, summer go out to choose sandals is not wrong. Because not only comfortable but also a little fashion sense, strap is nothing more than one of the popular styles this year, both to bring you a touch of cool summer, there is a full sense of fashion! Bohemian style shoes simple and elegant, sweet and delicate Oh, soft and comfortable pad feet, 100% of the comfort, hardware accessories, luxury shine Oh, high-quality wear-resistant tendon substrate, wear well wear. But this year is to make it hot year, by virtue of the simple and generous appearance, as well as leisure and comfortable and elegant features to win a lot of women's favorite, the streets, travel The attractions are indispensable to its shadow, then this spring and summer, every woman should have a pair of their own leisure travel, travel sandals. Soft bottom flat sandals flat sandals comfortable wild, how can the lack of such a pair of flat sandals in summer it? Can be elegant dress skirt ladies wind, but also very casual and leisurely, quite wild, whether you are high or short, flat sandals with shorts or short skirts, super convenient.

Pointed flat shoes This is a single shoe design draft out, in South Korea's SNS has been a lot of girls of all ages. We designed three classic colors, are wild color! The Unique after the belt design, walking is very robust. Looks slightly sweet style, but also cute people love! The The Apricot sandals sandals this section is very simple, so it is very unique, I believe you wear the people behind the absolute bright! Summer and then coated with the United States and the United States and the nail, just the United nike shoes sale States burst friends, this specially in the back of the tape to do the rubber band is to be firmly in the back with a fixed heel, shoelaces are very solid Oh,