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The right to wear high heels guide, you have to get it?

You will wear high heels to walk, nike clearance does not mean you will wear high heels on the occasion oh! In fact, the choice of high heels and wearing occasions, different with high corresponding to different occasions. Come and see! 5-8CM is also the daily wear, ordinary with the high, not like the same with the flat, there is no graceful curvature, can not be a good modification of the entire body, and such high with the high will not (9CM above) , Tired people difficult to wear to wander freely. So 3-8CM daily wear, can make you sexy and comfortable to create exquisite woman. Like this pair, with the high 7CM, pointed toe and cross-straps fashion design, so that you become an indiscriminate street fashion girl.

Such a high there is a solemn feeling, and is more suitable for special occasions such as the ball or banquet. So cheap nikes this time you choose the high heels to be careful, if selected, it will make you the whole people seem particularly bright cheap nike shoes and moving. Like this pair of high heels, with high 9CM, plaid vamps, very personal. But his design is ergonomically designed, so wearing is not too tired. Its elegant thin and hollow design, so that the entire shoe body nike store has shown a noble and elegant style.