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There are several categories of shoes on the market you know?

Basketball shoes soles of the general water or herringbone pattern, the upper use of thin leather, the appearance of the use of high, high to help shape to protect the ankle to prevent injury, basketball players in the bounce when the impact force is equivalent to mobilization of 10 Times the weight, side sliding, the impact on the foot side of the equivalent of 2 to 3 times the weight of athletes, so cheap nike air max basketball shoes have a strong shock absorption function, the outsole and more use of plastic, the end of the general use of hard rubber , It is made of 60% synthetic rubber and 40% natural rubber compression, excellent wear resistance, the end of the general use of PU, PHYLON and other materials with the role of shock protection. The origin of Peas shoes, from its soles and shoes heel on the 133 rubber small particles, like a small peas. Its stylish design elegant, simple and lightweight. Mainly for the consumer groups for the white-collar and high consumption level of the crowd.

Soles upstairs is the whole piece of skin, playing holes embedded in Peas, and then hand stitched together with the upper. Two pieces of leather on a special glue, hold on the mold, sent to about 80 degrees in the oven to bake a day later, in a cold box to the cooling, so that after the leather shape back to the degree of elasticity. Casual shoes, the characteristics of the soles of the side looks relatively thin, the structure is relatively simple, basically two-piece structure, there are some casual shoes directly to the rubber composition of the PU or MD lebron 14 outsole. In addition, due to the strong decorative shoes, so the style is more casual, all kinds of patterns can be applied. Casual shoes at the end of the object is generally made of high wear-resistant rubber rubber, with a good shock-absorbing effect, and to meet the needs of strong wear-resistant, outsole pattern was smoother granular, bottom design is full of change, Beauty, there are some casual shoes without outsole patch directly to PU or MD to do nike running shoes the end, casual shoes kobe 11 is now a good choice. Shoes culture embodied in harmony, solemn, rich imagination and so on. Such as pay attention to fine craft, artistic performance, pay attention to the atmosphere of the atmosphere of the atmosphere effect, pay attention to create a harmonious atmosphere of unity, distinctive national character, mastered the ability to take the grid shoes, made of colorful shoes, formed Colorful Chinese footwear culture.