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This time I finally have reason not to brush shoes!

Today is to talk about a counter-trend of a single product - small dirty shoes. Fairies do not have to worry about their shoes, for example, some white shoes do not know how to wash, or every day in order to keep clean to brush shoes, and now finally have no reason to brush shoes, and small shoes is simply fairy's favorite You can not dislike it! Put on this pair of shoes, do not understand the trend of the eyes of people, looks like your favorite pair of old shoes, through and wear, put it down. But also looks more precious, you wear it is also very comfortable, there is a cool feeling. It is black nike shoes so many stars in the street shooting or usually nike factory store leisure occasions, will wear it, the appearance rate is still very high. Small shoes and small white shoes, are very wild single product, with jeans is cool, but it should be noted that if it is not suitable to take this route, do not wear a hole jeans with small Dirty shoes, there will be a dirty feeling, want to be thin fairy can also choose a small dirty shoes with black jeans. Of course, do nike factory store not think that small shoes only cool cool, you can also with fairy skirt, like a small white shoes with long cheap nike air max skirts, or very Xianqi, such a small dirty shoes who do not love it? Wear dirty and do not brush, or a trend! Slightly trumpet-shaped bell-bottoms is the most popular style, not only can be a good modification of the legs, while the trousers in the pendulum of the special treatment can also be a sense of design, recommended this Korean version of the fork high waist skirt A very classic version of the type, the effect is very good behind, the color of the tape allows you to go out when the street is more fashionable.

The most suitable for winter pants, of course, to be able to increase the pile can be added, it is recommended that this retro pants in the shape is very classic, very elastic fabric with comfortable skin-friendly fabric can play a warm role The Black is very wild, can be a good modification of the leg type, from the visual can be very significant was very thin, cut also has a very careful waist design and hip design. Autumn and winter pants must be able to have a good softness and ductility, in order to reach enough softness and personal effect, it is recommended that this pants have these characteristics, while the classic nine pants style is also able to wild, Whether it is with a pair of small boots or a pair of shoes can be very nice, flew out the street. Retro style has been the trend of hot spots in recent years, a very sense of design pants and good-looking wear can immediately lift the whole person's temperament, recommended this retro style thick pants on the trousers also made a good look Of the edge of the treatment, black wild features in any set of clothes will not be pale, but also can play the benefits of modified body