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This year cheap nike air max the hottest burst of shoes, you buy it?

Speaking of nike outlet this year's explosion shoes, we can nike free run see all kinds of similar slippers like fashion shoes, it has a familiar name - As the name suggests, Lok Fu is the music blessing shoes slippers collectively, its shape is the combination of the two. The traditional conservative sister is estimated that this shoe is not too cold, but now this shoe is soon to be the major fashion media brush burst screen. In fact, Lok Fu is not only recently fashionable single product, as early as a few years ago launched a can wear the slippers, by the trend of the sister's favorite, a walk away travel, with Hermes slippers The birth and quickly became popular. Emphasis is on its simple, convenient, beautiful, very consistent with the nike outlet modern era of young people's life philosophy. Lok Fu drag what magic charm can attract so many fans? First of all, compared with the traditional slippers, Le Fu drag not so leisure, and from the clothing with the above, you can freely play a lot of space, both business and fashion. Readily with a white morning jacket, accompanied by a small black dress, showing simple and capable.

See a lot of fashion up to the perfect match, there is no discovery of this music blessing very long legs it! British bloggers height 162 cm, but put on Le Fu tow camera, leg lines get a good pull Stretch effect. Finally have to mention is that the blessing of the blessing or the heroes of the gospel Oh! Because there is no bag ankle, you can let the feet in the visual reduction effect. From the major international brands have introduced the trend of Le Fu drag, Le Fu drag the boom will continue for a long time, love the fashion sister can not miss the opportunity Oh!