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Unique personality plush shoes, really stylish

The recent hot plush shoes subvert the conventional view of people's shoes, has a new attitude appeared in the fashion circle, and is sought after by many people; concise and comfortable flat shoes add thick plush, so that you wear more For warmth and comfort; overall to create a lazy leisure and unique personality of fashion. Pointed plus metal design, personality contains elegant temperament. Plus velvet design, warm and comfortable fluffer can better care for your legs. Insole with artificial short plush, soft and comfortable, more comfortable walking warm. Rubber sole, wear non-slip, wear more secure. Follow the first layer of pigskin material, good air permeability, soft feel, to provide unparalleled comfort and warmth. Superb pure hand-sharing, enhance durability and flexibility, wear more easily. Inside with soft pure wool, high density, uniform wool, wearing warm, dry. Soft and smooth leather surface, good comfort, with good breathability. Thick rabbit hair decoration, soft and light, comfortable and skin-friendly, full color and soft, very elegant. Low-heel temperament free and easy, comfortable and stable, walking without pressure, pace will involuntary nike trainers light up.

Super texture of the metal horsebit, decorative embellishment on nike factory store the vamp, atmospheric fashion, retro eye-catching, emitting a lazy urban atmosphere. Along the edge of the mouth with soft, skin-friendly rabbit hair, the moment the moment was wrapped in a warm and melt, so that you fear the cold this winter. Classic square head, elegant and lightweight appearance, leisure lazy. Bright and elegant beige, with the texture of cattle suede, exudes a warm charm, adjustable strip with buckle, luxury temperament glance. A pedal wear, wearing a convenient, ring mouth and insoles rabbit fur, wearing warmth. Feel soft cow anti-fabric, comfortable and delicate, with breathable performance, wearing a warm texture. Color bow and lace combination, metal embellishment, elegant, stylish and beautiful. Inside the wool material, good elasticity and bulk, wearing warmth and comfort. The tip of the charm, the beautiful skinny side of kobe shoes your beauty revealed its side, full of elegant femininity. Soft wool material, nice, warm and cheap nike running shoes comfortable to wear. Short plush + insole, soft and comfortable, with a good sense of feet, good thermal effects.