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Wide pants to cheap nike shoes catch the popular shoes, cool cool handsome do not stop

In a public street shot in the popular narrow version of the destruction of pants models are prevalent at the same time, wide pants patent no longer belongs to the girl, gradually loose, wide version of the pants section also let the boy wear Another different style of presentation, more casual and comfortable, but also very simple to be able to catch the popular wave lebron 13 of shoes. Loose khaki all black nike shoes work pants believe that many readers have a wardrobe, with a plain white short-sleeved Tee is the easiest choice, add the fun of the ride may wish to start in the accessories. Has been popular in the black wearing a safe card route also won many people love, in which the details of adding pants is also a good way to add points, and eight to nine pants can stretch the proportion, but also can catch a pair In the high tube of shoes. Tired of the black and white tones, it is better to pick a major brand this season is still continued to release the earth color shirt to join them, with each other echoed white Tee and white shoes, and socks for the wide selection of pants Very important details. Left the cold weather, spring and summer nike store may wish to try khaki, rice, brown single product, show lazy and comfortable atmosphere, at the same time with a wide pants, the same color of a single product in a little white, gray details, so that the feet Shoes more dazzling.

All black style stand together, showing a commensurate vision, wide version of the shoulder short sleeve is also with a wide pants players, and in the long pants models and long and short sleeves with the next, all black also appears more level. Classic white shoes is also a lot of wear with those who like a wide pants partner, do not paste the nine pants is the most just proportion, and then with sunglasses, handbags and other accessories to show full momentum.