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With the tooling shoes, which are handsome little brother

You and the handsome temperament is only a pair of uniform dress shoes, domineering shoe body is simple and generous tool is the most direct expression. And looks mature and stable, can exudes a unique charm of men. Its unique comfort can also let you in any place easily control. Fashion is the essence of tooling shoes, but its charm has overshadowed the fashion. Because the temptation of exclusive to men and thus show out, let us under the blooming luster at the foot of it

The sleek toe gives enough comfort to the toes, the texture of the surface's frosted leather, and the lace of the two-color stitching. To the whole pair of shoes there is a simple and simple taste, kobe 11 revealing a British atmosphere, sewing thick bottom also let the shoes look a little fashionable small fresh. Classic Martin low boots do not look so heavy, crazy horse leather stitching process makes the quality of tooling shoes highlighted. Smooth upper is nike factory store won the eye, sponge rubber soles also increased comfort for the dress. Different from the traditional tooling shoes, this slightly slender, no heavy feeling. But high-quality car line sewing with two-color soles, filling the fashion trend. The upper pinhole design so that shoes more breathable, effectively alleviate the walking fatigue, increase comfort while also improving the sense of fashion. Honey wax color with high boots to highlight the retro atmosphere of the shoes, as if there should be a gentleman. Wearing comfortable and not diminished fashion personality, thick rubber at the end also increased the comfort. Vamp of upper leather breathable, soft, will not increase the burden on the feet.

Classic high boots, rubber soles of the design is very anti-slip effect. At the same time in the winter can also resist the cold on nike shoes men the foot of the nike sneakers invasion, the design of a large round head wearing a better protection of the feet is to increase the comfort of the toes. Spotted crossed lace and brown with more gentleman-like British style.